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#375977 Don't like to brag......... but.........

Posted by Lord Bastion on 10 May 2014 - 02:11 PM

My wee lad has been selected to represent NI at the Junior European Karate Championships in London at the end of October...........


Hopefully I can get to a match :D

#220468 T'was The Night Before Christmas

Posted by black dog on 22 December 2012 - 12:54 PM

I know it isny but thought I'd stick this on while in the mood......



T'was the night before xmas & the forum was dead

All the SFF posters were asleep in their beds

But wait there was one, I made a mistake

A member renowned was still wide awake

Sinking bottles of bevvy between trips to the crapper

He tried to convice Puff Vanilla was the main rapper

This one and that one he posted in vain

But no answer was the reply again and again

By now you'll have guessed that Hoopz is that lad

But I like to think he's a raping big cad

Craig our admin woke up feeling bolder

But his missus said only if you put up the towel holder

And Bundy was pissed as the drink had no mercy

He was dreaming of Rooney and Robin Van Persie

Japster was lying, tossing and turning

Snoring out loud and his ears they were burning

Cos someone somewhere unaware of the dangers

Was having a dig at his team known as Rangers

Shagger the Dons fan shouted out in his sleep

That Charlie Green bought a club on the cheap

They can't be called Rangers cos that club is dead

And happy wi this turned ower in his bed

Big John the sponge is out cold he's no faking

But dreaming of Belfast and aw that stocktaking

I could tell youse somethings but don't try and tempt me

The one thing I'll say is his legs must be empty

To those I have missed please don't be mad

Just enjoy this a wee bit, a little, a tad

As morn draws near and daylight appears

I'll soon raise a glass and give youse three cheers

This poster is knackered from aw this writing

So I hope it's aw peaceful and none o' the fighting

I extend to you all Great Xmas cheer

And a Happy '13 with plenty of beer.



#339486 Thank you

Posted by craig on 08 January 2014 - 08:15 PM

I wanted to say a special thank you to Geo for his work on the quiz last year. His efforts have not only provided entertainment for many on the forum, but he was also kind enough to put up a prize pot out of his own pocket. I am very grateful for that gesture. The winners, without exception, agreed that they would rather donate their prize money to charity, with each winner choosing their own charity. I have donated the money on behalf of Geo, with the receipts below.


Cancer Research UK_ Donate online_2014-01-04_15-13-31.jpg


ENABLE Scotland - Leading the way in learning disability_2014-01-08_20-07-32.jpg


I would like to make a One-off donation - Confirmation_2014-01-05_18-02-36.jpg


I hope that Geo appreciates the good work he has done for the forum and for charity. Thank you.


There will be a 2014 quiz, which will be launched shortly. I hope to make it a little easier for Geo to run the quiz this year and it will launch once I have sorted out the technical side of things.

#329970 Are celtic paying for rangers' absence?

Posted by Psychoheart on 13 December 2013 - 12:57 PM

No, we're paying for Scotland being a backwater no mark league. The lack of money in this country's football setup means they only way we even have a hope in hell of coming close to competing with the likes of Barcelona and AC Milan is by making it into the Champions League group stages where our significant income can be generated.


Unfortunately, our crap coefficient - whose crapness is still contributed to by Rangers currently - means we have three qualifying rounds to get to that money. That means we can't budget for it, and therefore can't spend it until we know we can get it. Ultimately that gives you about three days at the end of the transfer window to spend it, and you can't do proper business in that climate because all good value players have usually gone or at the very least those with bigger budgets have been alerted to their existence and already priced us out even with the Champions League money.


Last season we did extraordinarily well to progress from the group stages after getting the combination of a reasonable draw and having a team with several good players who played to their maximum potential. Contrast that with this season where the draw was harder that last year's, and some of those players who played well last season were gone (Wanyama, Hooper) while others didn't play anywhere near as well as they did last season (Samaras, Ambrose).


I'm sick of this utter pish that we're missing Rangers. No we don't. We miss decent competition. We've missed decent competition since the mid-80s. That's why no one invests in this league, it's not worth watching. That's why Rangers habitually got horsed in the Champions League in the 90s, and why neither Celtic nor Rangers have managed to get past the last sixteen of the tournament in the four occasions we've got that far.


Scottish Football needs a strong Rangers AND Aberdeen AND Hearts AND Hibernian AND Dundee United. It needs ONLY a strong Rangers like it needs a hole in the head. And anyone who actually believes that to be the case obviously wasn't paying attention for the twenty years or so prior to Rangers liquidation last year.

#315483 The moderating team

Posted by craig on 31 October 2013 - 07:03 PM

Some comments elsewhere leads me to make the following statement.


When I asked each mod to help out on the forum, I made it clear that if they accept, they remain on the forum as their own person, with the added responsibility of being a mod. They can have their own opinions, whatever they may be, and portray them on the forum, as long as they obviously don’t break any rules. I do not want robots. I want the mods to enjoy the forum as a user, but help out as a mod when needed. If they have a differing opinion than another member, then fine. If they have a differing opinion than me, then that is completely fine as well. What I care about is whether they can moderate fairly, and without bias.


There are a number of mods on the forum, with me as admin. I allow the mods to lock threads, and move posts, but warnings and bans, and other behind the scenes work is done solely by me. When there is a big decision to be made, we make it together. I have the final say in everything, but through discussion I think we have almost exclusively all come to the same conclusion. When acting as moderators I have no doubt that we remove personal feelings and do what we think is fair and best for the forum.  The fact we work together as a group helps ensure that.


The mods help out as a favour to me, as well as giving something back to the forum itself. They, we, do not receive any financial rewards for what can be very hard work. That has to be respected.

If anyone has an issue with any decisions we make, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it via PM.

#298818 Big Day?

Posted by Bundy on 12 September 2013 - 06:34 AM

Today could be one of the biggest and proudest moments of my life..................my daughter's waters just broke so I might just be a Grandad by end of play today :D



#501137 Rangers v Hibs Scottish Cup Final

Posted by David Malcolm on 23 May 2016 - 09:32 PM

Fair play Davy...... great result

Saturday will live with me forever I was a emotional wreck was thinking about my old man he sadly passed away on the the 25th of January and he never seen them win the scottish cup and to think he watched the famous five play when the ref blew the whistle and he had a great game PS I stayed on my seat and would like to apologise to players and staff of rangers that were assualted from thugs I won't call the fans I hope they are caught and punished severely by the courts they are cretins they spoiled for us but more importantly the players parading the cup with there family's

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#472321 Souey

Posted by Elchappy on 21 November 2015 - 08:11 PM

Read souness is back in hospital with suspected heart concerns. This is a man who has had history of heart problems including a bypass.

From a dad who has had his son having open heart surgery i wish you well Mr Souness. Hope its not too serious.

#434689 What's happened to Geo?

Posted by Geo the Ger on 30 March 2015 - 04:59 PM

Thanks to you all. I spent almost four weeks in bed, due mainly to nausea, anxiety and lethargy. Seen various doctors (I refused hospital treatment) and eventually they found a cure - ant--sickness, anti-biotics and larger dose of diazepam tablets for my virus. Feeling not to bad now, but still in my new bedroom downstairs because unable to go upstairs. I couldn't stand any noise or bright lights. Did go online at times, but only to tweet or have a quick look at the forum. Concentration was nigh impossible. Thanks again. 

#405827 Satisfying moments

Posted by Camshy on 02 October 2014 - 06:08 PM

I have to say one of the most satisfying moments for me is in my work !

Sounds sad but its not really, I'm quite fortunate in my work where i have no fixed base, I'm in different buildings and venues from week to week and usually doing a different job week to week.


When I go into one of the After Care's or various Nurseries that we run that i have not been at for a little while a big line of children come up to greet you shouting your name and giving you a big welcome really puts a smile on my face........get an even bigger smile when the staff say they never see the children do that with any one else.

#347117 Stat of the day 31st January 2014

Posted by Geo the Ger on 31 January 2014 - 12:09 PM

Celtic star Jim Kennedy born today in 1934. He made his debut aged 22 years and 83 days Vs Partick Thistle on 23/04/1956 in Scottish League (A 0-2). His playing record is 259 games scoring 2 goals.

Visit fitbastats.com for more stats

I've got a wee story to tell about this Gentleman. When I was about 18 years old in the winter of '67, the company I worked for were doing some maintenance work in the school situated just outside the front of Celtic Park, and sent me there to do some work (I was an apprentice). Hope you're not getting bored with this story, 'cos I am, especially, with all this one finger-typing. Anyway, nearly all my fellow workers and I had a lunchtime kickabout in the big area outside the main (old main doors) entrance of the Stadium. They were, and me too, hoping to impress Jock Stein (btw he parked his car in the school playground!) and others i.e. first team players and the Quality Street Gang with our football skills  :roll: when they were going back and forward to, or is it from, training at Barrowfield (btw, we were told by our boss under no circumstance to annoy the players for autographs). To cut a short story long :!:, the ball was eventually kicked over the wall into the ground. The wall was too high to climb, so they told me, no ordered me, to  knock (chap, then) on the door and retrieve the ball. They all scattered before the door was opened. Jim Kennedy answered, I asked him, timidly, forgive the pun, if it was okay to get my ball (git ma ba'). He replied " I see they've all deserted you, come in and get it yourself " I was shown where the ball was via (through) the tunnel. I wasn't in awe, being a bluenose .. well a wee tiny bit. Then he offered me a tour of the stadium, which I agreed too. I did see the 'Big Cup' and the Exhibition Cup and other wonderful trophies, etc ( I wasn't in awe, but ...!). Don't get me wrong, in my eyes, the Ibrox trophy room is far better, and fuller! Anyway, back to the saga: I never really thanked the man for his kindness that day, but I am now in writing this.  P.S. I did omit to say that I was wearing a Gers tammy that cold day when the Gentleman invited me in.     

#525977 Rangers vs Celtic

Posted by Hairy Scot on 31 December 2016 - 02:21 PM

I'm off to kip.


It's already 2017 here, so a guid New Year to all on SFF. 

#497423 Euro 2016 Predictor

Posted by craig on 05 May 2016 - 11:40 AM

I will be doing work on the Euro 2016 predictor over the next few days. I will let everyone know when it's open for business.

#474650 Christmas Jumpers

Posted by Bundy on 08 December 2015 - 06:55 PM

Best one I've seen by a mile




#418968 2014 Final Scoreboard

Posted by Geo the Ger on 21 December 2014 - 06:51 PM

           2014 Charity Quiz Winners


         1st  £30      Hoopz   :clap:        

         2nd £20      Cmon Norn Iron   :clap:      

         3rd  £15     Johnarob   :clap: 
         4th  £10      Grumpy Old Man   :clap:   

         5th  £5        Black Dog   :clap:

             Overall Weekly Winners


          1st  £15      Hoopz   :clap:

          2nd £5        Cmon Norn Iron   :clap:


                    Final Scores


             I.    HOOPZ     121.50                     

            2.    CMON NORN IRON   99.25
            3.    JOHNAROB    60.75
            4.    GRUMPY OLD MAN    50
            5.    BLACK DOG   42.25
            6.    LORD BASTION   39.25
            7.    GOANJOCK   22.50
            8.    GEO THE GER   21.75*
            9.    ACHNASHEEN     18.50       
           10.   THEFOOTYGAFFA    12.75
           11.   PSYCHOHEART    11
           12.   MAVERICK    6.75
           13.   JAYBEE1978    4.75
           14.   BUNDY    4.75
           15.   HAIRY SCOT     3
           16.   BALDYBROON   3
           17.   CHARLIE BHOY    1
           18.   ENDERSGAME    0.75         
           19.   CRAIG   0.50
           20.   GINGER NINJA   0.25
           21.   NEILBERVIE    0.25
           22.   CAMSHY    0
           23.   WING NUT    0
           24.   GUSMEISTER    0
           25.   PERTHSHIREBELL    0
           26.   SCOTTYF79    0

           27.   A. N. OTHERS   - 0 


              Overall Final Weekly Score


             1st        Hoopz               17 wins
             2nd      Cmon norn iron  12  "
             3rd       Johnarob             7   "
             4th       Grumpy Old Man 6   "
             5th       Black dog             3   "
             6th       Lord Bastion         1   "


               Thanks for participating

             No losers on here, charity wins
                  *unanswered questions

           Craig and Geo donated £50 each

#336541 Awrra best

Posted by Hoopz on 01 January 2014 - 08:51 AM

Everyone must be in their bed ill or still partying up :lol:

Chappy is still connecting to wifi
Dug is away tae get a roll n sausage
Basty is lying face doon on decking
Norman is sleeping in the bog again
Craig is spewing that tennents up
Scott is rough as a badger after a shandy
John is the last man standing somewhere dancing while others have KOd
Bundy has a poly bag oor his heed again
GOM is fresh as a daisy as is GG, as is hairy and hoopz
Geo is composing the 2014 quiz
Jaybee is eating leftover chinese whilst rough
Sheep is in a field
Wingnut is still in a pub drinking although its closed
Maverick is off to the game
Laurie is lying in his ain pish and farts
Charlie is sleepin on his septic tank clutching the dregs of a btl a tonic
Panda is trying to impregnate his missus
Boyle is doing the tango
Davie Malcolm is sipping a champers
Police chief wiggum is still pondering posting
Gus is bladdered on the couch wae a bowl of salted peanuts

Imagine all the above in the same hoose

#327614 Christmas Poem

Posted by Camshy on 07 December 2013 - 02:12 AM

Thought it would be good to revive this old tradition........some oldies ---> http://forums.scotti...christmas-poem/


Again we are here 

As the times drawing near

The folk shed a tear 

As we wait for New Year


With podcasts galore

It will be more than a cheer

When all that we want 

Is more freaking beer


The times are a changing 

As we see in a year

All the new faces

Help make it clear


So in with the new 

And out with the old

When predictions are told

We can all be so bold


So tell us your stance

And get to the point

Is it Sevco i hear

No its Rangers I'm told


Its nearly New Year

As the times drawing near

So lets raise a glass for 

Some more festive cheer


Merry Christmas

#316550 Can I just make a wee request ?

Posted by black dog on 03 November 2013 - 06:03 PM

Next Sunday is Remembrance day....In light of what has gone on/said in the past could I just request that NO derogatory comments are made with regards the wearing or not wearing the poppy symbol. Please allow the day to pass peacefully, a scenario I'd imagine we will all pray for the future. I've no doubt that a thread will be started nearer the time but please remember what I've suggested.

#256380 Glasgow Celtic Champions 2012/13

Posted by onemanclapping on 21 April 2013 - 09:41 PM

Not saying this because Rangers aren't there but has this no been the most boring league season for a long time? I used to watch the SPL regularly but after seeing some pretty poor games I haven't watched nearly as much

Got to disagree mate, I think this has been a cracking season, with Motherwell, Ross County, Inverness and St Johnstone putting the bigger sides in Scotland to sword. I've loved watching the Edinburgh and North East "giants" being taken down a peg or too. I've also enjoyed watching the the Dundee and Highland derbies too. 4 games to go and the race for the euro spots is still on as is the relegation battle. If this is an example of a boring season I'll take it every year.

Congratulations to Celtic too, some people might say with their vast resources and impressive playing squad they should have won the league at a canter but at the end of the day the table doesn't lie. Over the course of the last 34 games they've been the best side and deserve the plaudits.

#164947 Sporting Integrity & Making it Personal

Posted by Laurie on 26 June 2012 - 08:48 AM

One thing that has surprised me more than anything about the whole Rangers liquidation affair is the reaction of many of their fans. There seems to be this idea that somehow they are being victimised, and that all of the SPL clubs voting against them will 'regret it'. As if some mighty vengeance or comeuppance will be owed to them.

But why?

Whilst I realise many are relishing the prospect a little too much, to be honest on the whole this is NOT personal. At all. If it was Aberdeen in the same boat then Rangers and Dundee United fans would be sticking the boot in. If it was Celtic fans then Rangers fans, and a whole lot of others, would be sticking the boot in. If it was Hearts or Hibs then their opposite number, as well as a few others, would be rubbing a lot of salt in the wounds as well. That's just the nature of the football fan unfortunately, empathy for their rivals isn't always very forthcoming.

But ultimately what has happened here is a team has been forced into liquidation, and has now had to start over as a new entity. Whether that team is Rangers, Celtic, Hearts, Aberdeen, St Johnstone or whoever else, I think the same precedent would have to be set. You can't mess up your finances and simply start over with a clean slate, and jump right back into the top flight.

For me it doesn't MATTER what the financial hit is, that isn't the point. If it were Hearts in the same situation, how do you think Hibs fans would feel about the prospect of them starting over with a nice, debt free, clean slate? We've spent outwith our means for the past few years, whilst Hibs have been financially prudent, and as a consequence they've struggled at the bottom of the table, whereas we've regularly rubbed their noses in the humping we give them, and have won a couple of cups. Not to say we've been hugely successful or anything, but in comparison to our rivals we have. So what would be the point in other sides managing their finances properly and struggling, if some teams could just overspend, mess their's up to the point of liquidation and just start over?

I mean, I don't think, and I certainly hope it doesn't come to that with Hearts. And of course I'd be hoping we'd have some reprieve, I mean I understand the Rangers fans WANTING their team to stick around (although I know plenty who also feel that they SHOULD start at the bottom). It's self preservation, it's your own team, it's an emotional issue then. But if it WAS Hearts, as much as I'd want the best for my own team, I certainly couldn't argue with a 'newco' Hearts having to start over. If a team manages to sort out their problems, or suffers administration and then comes out the other end, then FINE. They have went through a process and have managed to save the future of the club.

The fact of the matter in this case is that a club has been liquidated. For me, this means if a new club is formed, whether it's under a similar guise or not, then it has to start from the bottom. Otherwise why do all these other clubs in the same league, and below, bother to manage things and keep their club afloat?

The idea that because Rangers are a bigger club than most of the others in the SPL they should be allowed straight back in just doesn't sit well with me at all. If a famous, wealthy British company owner and yourself committed the same financial crimes, would you agree with them getting off with it whilst you were sentenced, because they brought more money into the country?

Sporting integrity is the order of the day, no matter whether the club in question is Rangers, Hearts, Celtic or anyone else.