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Scottish Premiership Score Predictor

Unfortunately there won't be a predictor this season.

What started as a world cup predictor, went on to be an SPL, First Division, Premiership and Euros predictor over the years.

I've enjoyed taking part in it myself, despite being rubbish at it, and enjoyed running it.

Due to technical reasons, I would have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch and I cannot commit the time to do that and test it to the point where I would be happy to launch it. The coding is all my own work and I just don't have the time to start again.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part over the years and thanks to those who have helped cover holidays etc when I wasnt able to manually update the scores. Thanks also to the sponsors over the years. It has been an honour being able to facilitate the predictor competition.


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The Scottish Premiership Predictor is kindly sponsored by Mckinnon & Forbes Ltd.