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Put reserve sides in the Lowland and Highland League

barcelona b real madrid

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 11:11 AM

I think a good way of developing young players for the Scotland international team would be to allow Scottish sides to stick reserve sides in the Lowland and Highland leagues.
The reserve leagues fail to produce good players because they are just games of inexperienced players playing inexperienced players in games that no one cares about and barely even get reported in the paper. How is that supposed to nurture young players for the pressure, cut and thrust of competitive football?
In Spain, Germany and France the big sides play reserve sides against real first team sides in the lower divisions. So you get Barcelona B and Real Madrid's reserve team playing in the segunda division.
Xavi and Iniesta both started playing for the Barcelona B side.
The Scottish league used to do this too, with the old division C where the reserve teams of Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers played first team sides like Montrose and Berwick Rangers.
Some people will say it would make the Scottish league a joke, but that is ridiculous. They do it in France, Spain and Germany and their leagues are amongst the best and most respected in the world.
In reality some people think that if they don't do it in England then it is wrong, even if we did it in the past. That is a pathetic reason not to do something.
Some would argue the Highland League and Lowland League are not a high engough standard to produce good players but they forget Kenny Dalglish started with a year on loan at East Kilbride, and that Willie Miller and other Scottish football legends started off in the Highland league.
Some will argue that this idea shows disrespect to the non league system, but that is not true. It shows a total respect for non league football to say our young players should start off in the Lowland and Highland leagues.
Some will say this could lead to Celtic and Rangers getting reserve teams in the Scottish premier, but that is a straw man argument.
No one is arguing for the Old Firm to have two sides each in the premier. It does not happen in Spain, France or Germany so why would it happen in Scotland?
The biggest problem in Scottish football is the top teams wasting top young players.
We need as many players with potential as possible getting competitive football experience.
In the old days when a team had the best young Scottish player in a position, they would play him. Nowadays they can go out and buy the finished article from overseas. This is a disaster for Scottish football but it is a fact of life and we need to find a solution to this problem, so every young Scottish players gets competitive football experience.
Some people don't care about the quality of players being produced by Scottish teams. They only care about their own club side.
Well let me lay my cards on the table.
1. I do care about how good the Scottish national side is.
2. I want every Scottish side to do well in Europe including both old firm sides.
3. I would honestly rather Scottish football be a high standard than have a rubbish league where my own team do better.
Some will aruge this is a bad idea because it will help the Old Firm develop good Sciottish players and that would help them dominate the leagues. So in other words they would rather cut off their own nose to spite their face. They would rather good Scottish players rot away with their potential down the bin to spite the Old Firm, even though in reality the old firm would simply go out and buy a ready made replacement from another country and the only people would suffer would be the Scottish fans who want good Scottish players to be produced.
I support Aberdeen but I would rather the old firm win the Scottish league for 100 years than have a rubbish league which is competitive.
In reality allowing every club to have second side playing in the non league system, would enable them to build a young side that would challenge the Old Firm. It is the present system that leads to Old Firm dominance.
But as I said I want Scotland to get the most outof all it's best pklayers. Lets copy the Germans, French and Spanish.
Imagine a Celtic B and Rangers B game getting 10,000 crowds in the Lowland league. That would increase respect and publicity for the Lowland League.
Support my idea for Scottish football please. :razz:  8-)  :roll:

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#2 Charlie Bhoy

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 11:18 AM

Good read that.. A lot of good points.

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 01:20 PM

erm . . . .finance is the main reason it wont happen. Thats why the reserve league was kyboshed.


Agree with everything else though RorySmith but unless there is Govt aid this aint going to happen.

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