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The More Teams the better for the Scottish League

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#1 RoryFSmith



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Posted 19 August 2016 - 01:03 PM

I am fed up with the argument put forward by some that we need less teams in the Scottish League.  

I think the more teams the better. We tried the idea of concentrating resources on the elite clubs with the Scottish Premier League, and all that happened was teams used the money to buy more foreign players and go deeper into debt. 

I think the more clubs we have the more players get to play senior football, develop their talent, and the more coaches and managers get to develop their potential with new ideas and strategies. 

People always say there are only about 92 clubs in the English league but they have a national divsion below the league two, plus they have massive geogrpahical regions covered by the North and South pyrmaid leagues below the conference. 


Do not forget Alex Ferguson started his coaching career at East Stirling. 

Andrew Robertson and Alex Ferguson both started their playing careers at Queen's Park. 


In my view the more teams we have the more chances for new players, coaches, managers.


Plus it is far more interesting having more clubs. You can look down the leagues for clubs with massive histories rather than just 20 sides, we have over 40 sides. If anything i would like to have three divisions of 16 invite Celtic and Rangers to have under 20 teams in the bottom divisions and invite more teams into the league. 


Concentrating the resources in the elites clubs has been tried and it failed. 

#2 thesimplemind


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Posted 19 August 2016 - 02:24 PM

Crowds are already very poor in Scottish football especially in the lower leagues. Hardly any games in leagues 1 and 2 get over a thousand, and most are less than 750. Personally would not want to spend money watching any games involving under 20's, I would argue that with Scotland's population, 42 clubs is way too many . There is no argument or comparison with England..it's just a much bigger place.

#3 RoryFSmith



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Posted 19 August 2016 - 02:35 PM

Getting a crowd over 100 is good. Look at crowds abroad, in Ireland, Ulster and the Welsh League, Getting up to 400 is a massive achievement for a club side. I would not call that a poor attendance at all. And Scotland does not have way too many clubs as I said imagine if Alex Ferguson had not had a career because Queen's Park had been taken out of football. The more clubs we have the more players and coaches we get. 

I think the sort of people who watch Cowdenbeath, Brechin City, or Peterhead would love to watch their sides playing the under 20 teams of Celtic and Rangers. 

Concentrating our resources on the elite clubs just encourages them to spend all their money on foreign players. The more clubs the better. 

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