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In Topic: Hijab or not hijab

Today, 12:26 AM

All religion and religious symbolism should be banned from schools.




Religious education should be carried out by the churches and the clergy.


All schools should be secular.

In Topic: The Chase

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

Celebrity one on.....

Joey Essex, that'll be worth the licence fee alone :lol:






Joey!!??  Joey!!?? 


FFS  That's a name for a budgie, not a person.

In Topic: The Bigger job.......

Yesterday, 07:22 PM

There is more pressure on the OF managers because of the supporters' expectations.


The national team has become a joke over the past three or four decades and expectations are lower than even those of the fans of lesser teams.

In Topic: Competition time.....

Yesterday, 07:19 PM

ffs SP....I just googled by image &.....CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!


Frank Yeager FFS!!

In Topic: 2017/2018 fun predictor

Yesterday, 06:42 PM



As I said, you never know with The Jags.


However, like everyone else, I was fucked by Aberdeen and Rangers results.