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In Topic: Dedicated Celtic thread

Today, 08:08 AM

However this group of degenerates who shame their club time and again have released a statement in response. They truly have no shame or remorse and clearly don't give a fuck about Celtic.....


Check the last four words.




Yes, I'd read that just before signing on to SFF.

I had to chuckle at the pathetic attempt to try and claim some sort of moral high ground.

Exquisite irony.

Will their arrogance and ignorance never flag?

In Topic: empty so a general talk thread

Today, 08:05 AM

you not getting the Open at the moment?


Yes, live coverage of that is good and there is usually a good highlights package in the evening. In fact I've just been watching that.


Young Master Spieth can certainly wield a putter to good effect.


I notice that unfortunately the "get in the hole" idiocy has spread to the UK.

In Topic: empty so a general talk thread

Today, 07:01 AM

Aye.....just because there's no real stuff on..... :D


You guys in Europe are lucky with the sports coverage.


Sky Sport NZ is a f*cking rip-off.

I switched on this afternoon and all four sports channels had talking heads. No action just chat.

In Topic: The WTF thread

Today, 06:52 AM

TBH I don't give a fuck whether they want to become men to women...women to men..............as long as they pay for their treatment themselves. There are people in this country suffering from many diseases, especially forms of cancer, who are denied treatment on 'cost grounds' so imo for taxpayers money to be spent on sex change treatment is disgraceful.


However, I do object to the streamlining of blood donation from gay men who have had sex with another male from a year to 3 months due to improvements in medical tests? (This could really come back to haunt the government just like the recently reported infected blood scandal). I'll be honest....If I was offered the choice of blood from a gay person or straight it would be straight all the way.....does that make me homophobic? Not imo but I don't give a fuck.


But did you notice that surveys will be undertaken in both cases.............................with the LGBT community only.........Are those outwith that community not worthy of being surveyed? All one fucking way as usual!


But will the blood carry a label showing its source?


Just how effective is the blood testing? Will the blood from a heterosexual male of female carry any guarantee? There is now apparently a strain of antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea.

In Topic: Dedicated Celtic thread

Today, 05:18 AM

Celtic close standing area for at least two games.