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Today, 12:08 AM



Where are they being sent?



Its a swedish guy on Twitter who reports all goings on that the media cover up but the fucking links are in Swedish,i guess back where ever the fuck they came from


Seems to be confined to Twatter. Fake news perhaps?


However Sweden apparently is deporting Afghan families with their children, but there is nothing in the main stream media about this.


PS:  Seems that it's not only Sweden doing this:- https://www.theguard.../world/refugees

In Topic: For those against Scottish Independence...

Yesterday, 11:57 PM

My point is, The SNP are using Brexit as a vehicle for a referendum.......

The the EU crumbles..... it's a non argument


I do get your point, but one could look at from the point of view that the issue is not so much EU membership but that Brexit is something which is being forced by Westminster but which, like a lot of bills passed by Westminster, is contrary to the will of the majority of Scots.

In Topic: For those against Scottish Independence...

Yesterday, 10:39 PM

But..... what if a Frexit collapses the EU?


I think that EU membership is only one of a number of factors to be taken into account when considering Scottish independence, although my feeling is that gaining independence from Westminster but falling into the hands of the Brussel's bureaucrats is a bit like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.


However, when it comes to referenda where the result is decided by very small margins then I see nothing wrong in either side pushing for a recount or a rerun.

What is needed is that there should be a criterion for the referendum that specifies the minimum percentages required for the acceptable number of total votes and the number required to constitute a yes or no decision, and thereafter a minimum time period before that result can be challenged.

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Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Watching the France v Spain friendly and the video ref has been called on at least 2 occasions 


Just like rugby the play stops and the footage is reviewed and decisions made


1. France had goal disallowed CORRECTLY for offside

2. Spain goal given CORRECTLY when decision from linesman was offside.


Commentator moans its added time on at end of game


If it means a more fair result its surely the way to go




100% agreement.

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Yesterday, 09:33 PM

Would it not make sense to merge this thread with the "For those against Scottish Independence..." thread?