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#544392 Huddersfield lift a trophy at Wembly......

Posted by cmon norn iron on Today, 06:49 PM

At last a decent German manager in the EPL :-D 

#544371 General Election thread.......

Posted by cmon norn iron on Today, 05:39 PM

Something fishy going on!


#544263 How would Maggie deal with Islamic terrorism?

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 09:04 PM

He wouldn't have been in power, they only allow two terms


I mentioned that as a scenario in the 80's


Today I really don't think Maggie would have been that stupid

#544249 How would Maggie deal with Islamic terrorism?

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 08:50 PM

I agree with that, but I feel with the relationship Thatcher had with Washington, she would have been more than happy to follow the path Blair did, and ultimately, the same sort of retaliation happening. 


Only an opinion, as no-one will ever know


The thing is Bundy Reagan would never have done what that cunt Bush done

#544239 18 memorable Premiership moments....do you see them all?

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 08:19 PM

Hope yas enjoyed that wee quiz

#544208 18 memorable Premiership moments....do you see them all?

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 07:30 PM

What do you mean 'no ?

Didnt see him in the corner :lol:

#544177 empty so a general talk thread

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 06:41 PM

weekend aint finished yet Norn  . . . . . ;-)



#544162 empty so a general talk thread

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 05:39 PM


Henrik first half hatrick too


Great weekend all round for chappy


#544103 The NEWS thread

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Vermin like this should be exterminated


#544080 empty so a general talk thread

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 11:07 AM

before you depart Chappy....we have to know mate....










































Did you get your hole last night ?.................. :lol:


#544068 Manchester City Thread

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 10:13 AM

Just as well Pep isn't at a big clubsarcastic.gif



#544066 How would Maggie deal with Islamic terrorism?

Posted by cmon norn iron on Yesterday, 09:52 AM

How did she handle the terrorism that took place on her watch? 



Several things spring to mind,the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege,she gave the nod to send in the SAS which was dealt with very quickly


In 1987 eight fully armed provos complete with a 500lb bomb in a JCB were on their way to bomb Loughall police station and shoot anyone who escaped but intelligence knew it was happening,Maggie gave the nod for the SAS to take them out which they did


In 1988 3 provos were in Gibraltar whose sole purpose was to kill,again Maggie gave the nod to the SAS to wipe them out which they did


No politician today would have had the balls to do that,it would have been arrests but she got rid of the vermin

#543945 FA Cup Final......

Posted by cmon norn iron on 27 May 2017 - 11:52 AM


Then the bar

#543892 Shoes/Trainers/boots/flipflops

Posted by cmon norn iron on 26 May 2017 - 08:08 PM

New pair today

#543887 Terror attacks in Europe

Posted by cmon norn iron on 26 May 2017 - 07:30 PM

We have over 3000 Islamic extremists on terror watchlists in this country today. They are monitored at a cost of over £9 billion per year and should this ‘wait and see’ policy go wrong we end up with the blood of an 8 year old girl spilt on our streets.


We the public know what needs to be done. Remove the cancer within, but our political leaders are paralysed, like rabbits in the headlights as they continue with the policy of denial in the hope that it all goes away. That isnt leadership. That’s cowardice. Did Churchill wait for Hitler to attack us before he responded? Did Nelson wait at Trafalgar until the Spanish fleet fired and attacked first? No they did not. They recognised the threat and they took pre-emptive action to neutralise that threat.

Yet our present politicians cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge where this current threat is coming from. Islam, its coming from Islam and the policy of pulling the duvet over your head whilst laying still and holding your breath may have been successful at defeating monsters under your bed as a child, but this threat we face isn’t an imaginary one and it won’t be defeated by closing your eyes and being quiet. Our politicians are putting us all at risk because they are scared to act. The fear of being criticised is greater than the fear of having to mop up the blood of a dead child from our streets.


Theresa May is being exposed as more Mavis Riley than Iron Lady, and is seeing her lead in the polls disintegrating, as her handling of this crisis is one of abject failure, full of platitudes but lacking again in any real action. Reminiscent of her time as Home Secretary where she talked tough but when judged on results she was found wanting again and again. The nation needs a strong leader to deal with this threat and the public are realising that she just isn’t up to it. Instead of dealing with the threat decisively she has yet again fallen into the trap of doing nothing, and it’s this policy of inaction which now puts every single one of our children in the firing line. Are you happy with that? Is that an acceptable response to the barbarity which visited my home City of Manchester this week? A political solution to this threat from Islamic fundamentalism isn’t on the horizon anytime soon as they have been engaged in the Jihad for 1300 years, despite people like Jeremy Corbyn wanting to put the blame on our recent foreign policy.


That is an excuse as it fails to address the underlying tenet of this, which is that the Holy Quran contains many verses, which when shown to the angry and disaffected can justify them taking such actions as seen this week.


When the Quran states that is acceptable to kill the unbeliever there are people out there who will act on it. Of course moderates will say that this is not Islam, and that these acts are against their religion. This sounds plausible as we are told that Islam means Peace. If this is the case, if what we are told is true and that these terrorists are acting on a misinterpretation then why not change the wording to remove the ambiguity? Re-write the verses which are apparently being used to brainwash these people to become terrorists and make it clearer for the believer to see the apparent true message. Better still remove the verses entirely. After all if you are a moderate and have no intention of following these calls to violence and terror then their inclusion is surely an irrelevance?


However this practical, rational and reasonable suggestion will be ignored because the Quran is a written record of the words of Allah and therefore is perfect. Which means that it cannot be changed by the hand of man. So these verses, which the moderates claim are being misinterpreted will remain in place, despite them being very explicit in the way that a true Muslim should act, often in ways and at odds with the values and laws of our liberal society.


Successive governments have failed to act decisively in confronting this issue and the extremism which it produces. This policy may have been the pragmatic approach to take during the pre-1990’s when radical Islam existed mainly in the Middle East but the open door immigration since then has allowed it to arrive into the UK, where it has now gained a foothold. It will get worse not better unless we change our approach. The rules of the game have changed. We have over 3000 people being monitored by the security services and the refusal of this Government to stop Jihadists from returning to the UK after fighting for ISIS has now put us all at risk.


This mentality is now living amongst us and to adopt a wait and see approach is in my opinion exposing us all to unnecessary risk and all for the sake of Political Correctness. After seeing the pictures of those who died in this weeks attack we can all see that this could easily have been any of us, or our children or our loved ones. 



It could have been any us and unless Theresa May takes these known terrorists off our streets now, then it will be more of us. This is not acceptable. When the government fail to represent the demands of the people, then the real danger arrives when people come to the conclusion that they may have to deal with it themselves. I consider myself an educated, rational and reasonable person and if I am beginning to think that this may be the only way to stop these Jihadists and make our Political leaders do what needs to be done to ensure that no-one else’s child must face this threat, then this crisis is about to become much worse than it is. Theresa May needs to step up and do what we all know needs to be done and she needs to do it now. Inaction is no longer acceptable and the public will not allow it to be brushed under the carpet anymore, as our children are being targeted and slaughtered. Enough is enough. This will only be solved by our security services being freed from the shackles of Political Correctness and allowing even scarier men with guns the ability to target these Jihadists living amongst us.


No more inaction Prime Minister we are past that now!