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Yesterday, 11:27 PM


Where are they being sent?

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Yesterday, 11:23 PM

That ain't relevant to his question :P

I know.....

It's a wee relevant side one from me :D

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Yesterday, 11:21 PM

I think that EU membership is only one of a number of factors to be taken into account when considering Scottish independence, although my feeling is that gaining independence from Westminster but falling into the hands of the Brussel's bureaucrats is a bit like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
However, when it comes to referenda where the result is decided by very small margins then I see nothing wrong in either side pushing for a recount or a rerun.
What is needed is that there should be a criterion for the referendum that specifies the minimum percentages required for the acceptable number of total votes and the number required to constitute a yes or no decision, and thereafter a minimum time period before that result can be challenged.

My point is, The SNP are using Brexit as a vehicle for a referendum.......

The the EU crumbles..... it's a non argument

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Yesterday, 09:53 PM

My answer is basically "Yes, if there were sufficient reasons to hold one" and I gave specifics as to what they would be. I don't see why this isn't answering his question. If he wants a simple yes no, he's not going to get it. Surely a "yes but" is sufficient. Indyref2 is based on a comparable "yes but".

But..... what if a Frexit collapses the EU?

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Yesterday, 09:48 PM

I've already shown you a physical test is brain scan, however this isn't readily available. I'm sure there are many bona fide psychological assessments professionals can conduct also.

That's where it loses me Panda..... I honestly believe it's open to abuse, I don't doubt, some males feel female and Vice versa...... but as far as men using Women's changing facilities, it's a no from me.....

They should maybe look at alternative toilets, like disabled, baby changing, just add Transgender also..... where available.

I see we have a new dilemma hot on the heels.... where folk of one race, wish to be seen as another......

Not sure of your thoughts on this,it's a no from me...... but feelings are feelings regardless.