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23 July 2017 - 11:14 AM

Crikey it's very warm here but the hotel is very pleasant, we're in a group of 9 with our other members from England.

It was our turn to be embarrassed on the plane to Larnaca with some boozed up footie fans. The chappy next to me was mortified as he supported the same team.

Luckily for us though the hotel is crammed with English folk trying to recreate Albert Square in the sun.

Some are taps aff to go and eat, would you do that in your own country.

Sometimes wonder why they bother going on holiday but I'm pleased to say we're behaving like ambassadors for our respective nations and we're the only ones at the indoor piano bar when the rest are outside trying to drink their body weight in spirits whilst their kids run amok!!

Weather here, wish you were lovely.

League Challenge Cup Final 2017

25 March 2017 - 07:34 AM

Let's do this!

St. Mirren v Hibernian

02 March 2017 - 07:50 AM

As a lifelong Saint it has been necessary to get used to the highs and lows, far more of the latter.

At present though just as the Championship was beginning to look like a passport to the First Division we look as if we may be trying to dig ourselves out of the hole. It's now 4 wins from 5 since our new players arrived.

Lennon was glowing in his praise saying we're the best team they've played this season.

Do you guys think we can do it?

Dundee 0 v St. Mirren 2

21 January 2017 - 06:51 PM

Must be a classic case of the pressure being off but what a great result.

Must be one of the only giant killings in this whole round.

UK Parliament

09 December 2016 - 07:01 PM

There is currently a report being made to establish whether the Palace of Westminster should be refurbished ; This is anticipated to cost over £1BN.

Is it time to consider a new build in another part of the country?

For my part why not build a new Parliament? Why not locate in a northerly direction eg Lancaster, Middlesbrough or even Newcastle?

The current building (most of it) is Victorian so isn't that old.

Surely relocation adds credibility to the Northern Powerhouse.

Your thoughts please.