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In Topic: Coming season

Yesterday, 09:18 PM

@ Chappy....................was it that obvious ha ha

In Topic: Huddersfield lift a trophy at Wembly......

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

Do you get a trophy, I thought the prestige of getting into the EPL would be enough.............and the 100s of millions that wee team will now be getting should soften the blow if they have no silverware

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

That's the thing though, we are all allowed Gaffa so I don't see why you single out a few posters who happen to be Rangers fans for laughing at Dundee Utd staying down.........what would you expect? People to say "aw what a shame" wish they could have more luck !

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

Did Dundee Utd not vote the same way that 10 other SPL teams voted i.e. not to let the newco Rangers straight back into the SPL?

So are you saying I/we should show the same level of joy/banter at the other clubs in the league or are you saying leave it alone.......without actually saying either directly ofcourse !

Bit rich really Gaffa, especially coming from yourself who revelled in the demise of Hibs.......cant remember anyone opposing your sheer joy of the situatiom at the various times you were rubbing it in.

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Yesterday, 09:47 AM

talk about holding a grudge . . they did what their supporters wanted. Been discussed. Let it go.
Wanted Utd up because they will have bigger home crowds than Hamilton. Arguably the country's top 12 teams would be present - possibly exchange Ross County for Falkirk or Dunfermline.
We would also have the side show of Rangers v Utd which would be a good outlet for the stored up bitterness

Everyone is guilty of that, as I said I wanted them up but I certainly wont be appologising for not giving 2 hoots about any teams failure........so ironic given what has gone on the last 5 years or Chappy.

Nothing else has split this very forum more than the constant negative anti Rangers stuff that went on for a rather long time......some even insisting on calling Rangers a silly name for nearly a year just to annoy others on here.

You can hardly blame people for having a wee smile on their face can you whenever any team falters......