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In Topic: Celtic vs rangers

Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Btw what was that nonsense at the start of the game all about....looked like there was going to be a minutes silence and then it wasnt, Rangers end were not happy whatever it was.

In Topic: Holidays

Yesterday, 03:19 PM

Did you get a good price?

Yeah got an excellent price from cruise 1st...still waiting on word back from R Caribbean direct but all booked anyway.

Thanks for your help Jim.

Away on 29th oct dug

In Topic: Holidays

Yesterday, 03:02 PM

And? You not allowed a puff when yer aulder?

Grew out of that when I matured !!

In Topic: Celtic vs rangers

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

That was as bad as Rangers have played all season, players treated the ball like a hot potato.
Celtic dominated from start to finish and I think a lot of that was down to the wrong tactics and starting 11 from the manager. Too defensive and stood off Celtic giving them all the ball......for all the domination though we could have sneaked a wee goal although imo we didnt deserve one.

Rather easy match for Celtic who seemed to have an extra player and all the time in the world on the ball.

In Topic: Holidays

Yesterday, 02:56 PM

Nice , do u puff the ganja cammy ?

No im 40 not 14