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#551704 Who is the smartest?

Posted by Camshy on 22 July 2017 - 08:12 PM

Smartest was GoM when he was around......wisest, hmmm maybe Tone.

#551661 Rangers v Marseille

Posted by Camshy on 22 July 2017 - 05:05 PM

Just back from the game and prior to it all I said I wanted was a decent performance even if it was a friendly. The result matters not a lot but there comes a time when the team have to start playing like they have a purpose.......today they answered my concerns.

Sure its a pre season friendly but I was eager to see how the team coped with quality opponents.

Today we looked comfortable on the ball and aware and switched on off it. Marseille are without doubt the best team we will face this year so it was encouraging to see us cope with their fluent passing game while causing problems at the other end.
Big Bruno added an air of calmness on the team and he strolled it, Tav also handled Payet with ease while showing his tremendous engine. Niko was slick and scored what seemed an easy goal, freekick finished with precision. Herrera also looks a good target man up top and look forward to seeing him paired with Morelos.

Jack was yet again our stand out, he has already won our POTY imo and he is our signing of the year.

I'm not going to get carried away and while Marseille started slowly they upped the tempo looking for the victory in the 2nd half so pleasing to see us compete with a team better than us all over the park.

I was worried about how we would cope playing the likes of Aberdeen, Hearts etc but this performance has shown me the players are more than capable of knuckling down and getting the ugly jobs done.

#551314 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 20 July 2017 - 05:00 PM

Although I'm glad to see Griff finally being pulled up for his shite I do think a 1 game ban is a bit much.....hard to dish a punishment i suppose but seems a tad harsh

#551088 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 18 July 2017 - 04:29 PM

Thats all dandy mate , i disagree :)

Thankfully UEFA dont.

#551062 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 18 July 2017 - 03:19 PM

I dont think its harsh, its about time he was punished for his antagonistic actions

#550829 SPL 2017-18

Posted by Camshy on 16 July 2017 - 01:50 PM

Cant bring myself to use the silly name they call it now so will stick with the SPL.


How do you see the season going for your team and what are folks predictions for the season which is just around the corner.


Aberdeen - Runners up in all competitions last season and this one looks to be their toughest in quite some time, they have lost 11 players from the squad and a few of them have been rather important during the last few seasons. Can the new guys coming in fill the massive void left by those who are now gone ? No doubt a little bit of movement still to be done regarding transfers for all the clubs but Aberdeen may sweat over the possible loss of Kenny McLean.


Players out : Cammy Smith, Joe Nuttal, Laurence Shankland, Ryan Jack, Johhny Hayes, Aaron Lennox, Nial McGinn, Ash Taylor, Neil Alexander, Robbie Mutch, Peter Pawlett


Players in   : Gregg Stewart, Ryan Christie, Gary Mackay Steven, Gregg Tansey, Nicky Maynard, Kari Arnason


I'm not so sure about the players being replaced, Chrisite is a good one but Aberdeen are only helping Celtic by taking him and GMS on loan....unless they have a fee after the loan which would be a good move for them, both good players. Maynard is an interesting one so will be watching to see what impact he will have.

Final postion - 4th

Last season - 2nd




Celtic - Obviously massive favourites for the title and I can not see anyone giving them a challenge, strong in every department with exception of maybe the goal keeping position. A lot of players going out the club but no one of any great significance. The big worry for Celtic fans will be the potential loss of important players such as Dembele, Armstrong etc.


Players out : Ryan Christie, Gary Mackay-Steven, Scott Allen, Eoghan O'Connel, Paul Mcmullan, Kris Commons, Efe Ambrose, Jamie Lindsay, Logan Bailly, Saidy Janko,


Players in   : Johhny Hayes, Kundai Benyu, Olivier Ntcham


Only know of Hayes and obviously he has been one of Aberdeens better players so he will be fine domestically, its on the European stage though he will be tested.

Final position - 1st

Last season - 1st




Dundee - Finsihed in 10th place last season and this time round will be another hard slog for Neil McCanns men but I can see them finishing in a far more comfortable position this season. Scott Allan the most notable of those joining the club on loan and if he can capture the form he showed at Hibs then he could proove a creative player for them.


Players out : Matty Allan, Daniel Higgins, Calvin Colquhoun, DAvid Mitchell, Rory Loy, Josh Skelly


Players in   : Glenn Camara, Scott Allan, Lewis Spence, Randy Walters, Sofien Moussa, Roarie Deacon, Jack Hendry

Final postion - 8th

Last season - 10th




Hamilton Accies - Can only see trouble ahead for the accies, only 1 player added to the squad so far and they were one of the poorer teams I saw visiting Ibrox last season. Will be a relegation battle once again and things are not great among the fans with a number refusing to buy season tickets.


Players out : Jack Breslin, Craig Watson


Players in   : Xavier Tomas

Final postion - 12th

Last season - 11th





Hearts - Important season for the jambos and Cathro, a large number of players have left and a few notable ones at that. Like the dandy Dons can the new guys make an impact this season ?


Players out :  Callum Paterson, Robbie Buchannan, Billy King, Tasos Avlonitis, Alexandros Tziolis, Andraz Struna, Dylan Bikey, Juwon Oshaniwa, Lenard Sowah, Nikoly Todorov, Sam Nicholson, Perry Kitchen, Gavin Reilly, Callumn Morrison................fucking hell thats a lot !!!


Players in   : Chistophe Berra, Rafal Grzelak, Kyle Lafferty, Ashley Smith-Brown, Cole Stockton


Good experience added in Berra and Lafferty and this could proove a coupple of good signings for Cathro, rumours abound that Walker is on the way to Ibrox has not gone away and Hearts fans will be wanting the season to start to end that specualtion.

Final position - 3rd

Last season - 5th





Hibernian - Think Hibs could potentially be a surprise package this season, like Hearts a few seasons ago they are a team on the up and Lennon has that experience of getting his team ready for the challenge ahead..........large number of players have left the club so going to copy and paste ( taking effing ages with the large numbers !!


Players out :

3 July 2017 Callum Donaldson Loan[136] 3 July 2017 Kevin Waugh       30 June 2017 Chris Humphrey       3 July 2017 Jordon Forster     23 June 2017 Scott Gallacher       1 June 2017 James Keatings       11 July 2017 Aaron Dunsmore     6 July 2017 Lewis Allan       6 July 2017 Sean Mackie       19 June 2017 Alex Harris   31 May 2017 Brian McLean 31 May 2017 Grant Holt   31 May 2017 Jamie Insall     31 May 2017 Fraser Fyvie


Players in :

  Efe Ambrose   Ofir Marciano   Simon Murray   Steven Whittaker   Danny Swanson


Final position - 5th

Last season - Championship winners





Kilmarnock - Another team who I think will be in the battle at the bottom and big Jig realy has a big job on his hands. Its a toss up between a few teams at the bottom and Killie are one of those teams.


Players out : Jack Whittaker, Aaron Splaine


Players in   : Callum Watters, Kirk Broadfoot, Daniel Higgins, Alan Power, Stephen O'Donnel, Dom Thomas

Final Position -  11th

Last season - 8th




Motherwell - Another team with a large number of players in and out, bit of an unknown really for Motherwell as they have a lot of new players but surely they will perform better than the last lot.


Players out : Craig Moore, David Ferguson, Lee Lucas, Stephen Pearson, Scott McDonald, Joe Chalmers, Dom Thomas, Dylan Macklin, Lionel Ainsworth, Keith Lasley, Craig Samson


Players in   : Gael Bigirimana, Andy Rose, Russel Griffiths, Trevor Carson, Alex Fisher, Cedric Kipre, Charles Dunne, Craig Tanner

Final position - 10th

Last season - 9th




Partick Thistle - Thought Thistle were excellent last year and really hope they can push on but a lot of the teams round about them have imroved the playing side so can they show the same levels of good football they were playing. Lost a few guys in and around the first team and only 3 brought in so far.


Players out : Liam Lindsay, David Amoo, Ade Azeez, David Wilson, Sean Welsh, Mark Ridgers


Players in   : Blair Spittal, Jamie Sneddon, Nial Keown

Final position - 7th

Last season - 6th





Rangers - Already knocked out of Europe in arguably the clubs worst result in history but things are perhaps looking on the up at Ibrox, Pedro remains in charge with a half and half support for him. The board have backed him in the transfer market but Rangers do need 1 or 2 options up top.......whether they get those players in remains to be seen.


Players out : Clint Hill, Phillipe Sendeross, Barrie Mckay, Joey Garner, Andy Halliday


Players in   : Bruno Alves, Ryan Jack, Dalcio, Daniel Candeias, Carlos Pena, Alfredo Morelos, Graham Dorrans, Eduardo Herrera, Fabio Cardoso


A number of unknowns being brought in so difficult to gauge how they will cope with the rough and tumble of our league, Jack and Alves aside.

Final position - 2nd

Last season - 3rd





Ross County - Have been good performers the last few seasons but they have lost a of goals in the shape of Boyce, who is going to fill that massive void. Scoring over 20 goals at such a small club in Scotland is no mean feat and difficult to find another who will on the budget they have.


Players out :  Liam Boyce, Paul Quinn, Jonathan Franks, Oscar Gobern, Ian Mchsane


Players in   : Sean Kelly, Jamie Lindsay, Thomas Mikkelsen

Final position - 9th

Last season - 7th





St Johnstone - Have been great the last few seasons and they may do better than I think, Tommy Wright has them well organised and they can knock the ball around well but I feel there is a lot for them to contend with this season. Can they equal or better the 4th spot they managed last season ? Yeah they can equal it but it will be difficult as a lot of competition around that part of the table.


Players out : Tam Scobbie, Danny Swanson, Michael Coulsen


Players in   : Kyle Mclean, Scott Tanser, Stefan Scougal

Final positon - 6th

Last season - 4th

















#550748 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 15 July 2017 - 03:17 PM

LoL that did give me a chuckle Dug...............can you read........"naw I'm just guessing" ha ha. Briliant



























































You are still a P£$%K :twisted:

#550653 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 15 July 2017 - 09:16 AM

No excuses yeah granted but what about his actions that almost led to a riot in the stadium.
Is it ok for players to do whatever just because some people are saying bad words to them ?

To goad a whole support endangers a whole bunch of people, that is not acceptable.....neither is throwing stuff but lets face it. If you dont goad, antagonise and provoke do the idiots throw the bottles and stuff ?

No defence for either culprit. I wonder if all those failing to condemn Griff would be happy if they were at a game where a player causes serious trouble that leads to you or family members being hurt because potentially that can happen with the actions of some players.

Time and again it has been shown supports in the stands cant take it, there is also a far bigger issue people seem to miss in all of this as well.
Studies have shown when large groups are together the potential for violence is high with the "mob mentality". Also the level of ciolence is raised if more people are present.

Players without doubt have to conduct themselves in the proper manner.....far easier to control 22 players than it is to control a whole stadium.

#550635 Linfield v Celtic.....Champions League 1st leg

Posted by Camshy on 15 July 2017 - 06:02 AM

If these fans are going to get upset to the degree that they did because an opposition player made a gesture and tied a scarf to a goalpost then they should NOT...repeat NOT be at a football game. No doubt Griffiths will have been getting dogs abuse for the full game and here once again we differ.....In no way should what Griffiths done be even thought as any excuse/reason for the bottle throwing cunts.

I dont think we do differ though Dug, not really because I agree with you......because of the things you say is exactly why players simply have to behave.

He knew the volatile atmosphere that was surrounding this game, his own team refused tickets. Thats an indication calm heads are required.

People shouting and throwing stuff is not good but its not going to cause potential trouble.....well at least not anywhere near as much as players when they tie scarfs around goal posts and things.

Have said it before and while I cant disagree with anything you highlight I believe players have that greater responsibility due to the spotlight on them.

#550540 RIFC an open minded multicultural welcoming football club?

Posted by Camshy on 14 July 2017 - 04:38 PM

Fuck you Cam.....that's you & I finito.....I keep you going with lengthy debates about a 'certain' topic & this is the slap in the face I get ? Harumph!!!........ :(

You were my favourite dug but your stubborness over my greatest annoyance is too much to take !!!!

#550530 RIFC an open minded multicultural welcoming football club?

Posted by Camshy on 14 July 2017 - 04:27 PM

What's the "I" for?

A bit of petulance from our resident no nonsense Hoopz.
I dont mind what Hoopz calls Rangers as he is my favourite poster but he is wrong saying thats the name.......I'm sure the "company" is called The Rangers International FC but the team are called Rangers.

In any case Hoopz can call us whatever the hell he wants, he da man.

#550493 RIFC an open minded multicultural welcoming football club?

Posted by Camshy on 13 July 2017 - 09:08 PM

I don't think Rangers are, well the club may well be but a lot of our fans and I mean a lot are complete bigoted idiots that revel in talking shite....................I love Rangers and I dislike Celtic but it has no effect on life overall.


Some of the shite I hear from sections of our support when I'm at games is just bile.....I don't know if people really are the way they portray themselves or if its all bravado as they think that's what its like to be a Rangers fan.


Anyway, I know lots of great Rangers supporters who are like myself and the family I go to games with but there is a large element that dirties the name of the club and the good level headed decent fans.

#550392 hoopz v money and ginge

Posted by Camshy on 12 July 2017 - 11:17 PM

I vote Hoopz as he talks more shite than both of them put together :-)

#550380 Mayweather v McGregor sham fight......

Posted by Camshy on 12 July 2017 - 09:50 PM

I laugh (like Mayweather and McGregor) at the headers who pay for this sham money making enterprise......

Reminds me of something else closer to home LB that is overpaid ;-)

#550374 Mayweather v McGregor sham fight......

Posted by Camshy on 12 July 2017 - 09:05 PM

Aye I feel the same Hoopz, i just have this wee element of doubt.....in saying that I watched a clip of Floyd training last week and he was exceptionally good.