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Who is bigger, Barca or Real ?

21 April 2017 - 04:05 PM

Following on from the popular Utd v City thread I thought it may be an interesting thread to start up with different teams.

As the title says who is the bigger club ?

For me these are the 2 biggest teams in the world and I think Real take the heavyweight crown.
Sure the last decade has seen Barca dominate the league and the globe trotters of European football but Madrid are the team who have won the most trophies in the old format and are also the team with the most CL trophies in the new format.

Their history is long and filled with success, of course Barca share the same ladders but are they above their rivals from Madrid ?

Neil McCann - Dundee manager

18 April 2017 - 09:36 PM

Wee McCann has been handed the reigns at Dundee until the end of the season, I was hoping Rangers and PC would have snapped him up for the position at the club but this may have been a more challenging role for him and has ties with the club.

Really hope he does well, like Gary Neville he is one of my favourite pundits any time I hear him.

Good luck Neil

The Expanse

15 April 2017 - 09:24 AM

Started watching this the other week and its a great show.
Not for everyone as its Sci-Fi and set in space but so far its been very good. Just coming to the end of season 1 atm and looking forward to season 2 on the android.

Check it out if you like Sci-Fi

SKY :-) !!!!

13 April 2017 - 06:22 PM

I feel I have to write this as I see it cropping up here and there and tbh there are a lot of great talking points on the whole issue with Sky and the EPL T.V deal.


Now first I have to say and accept that I know the English game has always been a better standard of football and generally the big teams, Man U, and Liverpool mainly have been fine for money before the billions came rolling in.

Players here strived to better themselves and if a chance came to join one of the "big" clubs down south then it was not an easy choice but one most players would likely take but not all.


I have no problem with guys wanting to sign for other clubs or play in a different league, I also don't have a problem with a club who have a bigger support such as Man U being able to spend more than a West Ham for example in previous years. More fans means more money, that is not my issue.

I used to enjoy the English league prior to it all changing.



Since Sky we have seen the player numbers rapidly increasing with the English clubs along with wages being INSANE due to the money they get, flip side of this due to Sky pushing the English game is more money again via sponsors and the growing T.V audience due to their excellent marketing of the league.

Some of these teams buy players up like there is no tomorrow and give them wages most clubs outwith the cash rich league cant afford, even the fringe players with no hope of getting first team action for the parent club.


Look at Patrick Roberts for example, Man City pay £12 million, MAN CITY who prior to the Shieks and Sky were absolute no bodies. Celtic get this young guy on loan and its quite clear who could be doing a job for a club somewhere, as in actually signing for a club where he will play.

Celtic could maybe afford him, who knows but its a rather big outlay and he will likely be on loads of money.



So many players bought and a small amount actually make a mark on the parent team, the other issue is the money some of these teams recoup via the loan system. Chelsea for example had 35 plpayers, yes 35 players out on loan...............that is fucking ridiculous, especially when they still had access to another 50/60 players, its just wrong and that situation would not be there if Sky had not of turned the tables.



The other issue for me is losing home grown fans, Ireland and N Ireland for example have always supported clubs outwith their own country. For what reason I don't know but its pretty common.

When I was at School not one single person in Primary or Secondary supported a English club. Sure people would say, Everton, Liverpool etc are my English team but we all knew like 1 or 2 players, few if any knew 4 or 5 or more.

Today young Scottish kids know more about the English game than the Scottish game, some actually support an English team over a Scottish one and that was exceptionally rare prior to Sky.


The league down south was and always has been better but we supported our own teams despite this...............right now young people are turning to the English game and that is due to Sky, not because the EPL is better as it always has been but because it is rammed down your throat and now our game struggles to attract 2nd division players from down south.

That was never the case before..............Sky has a lot to answer for and it has transformed the game not only in England for the better but Scotland as well in the other direction. Also read a piece recently from Richard Keyes where he says the big wig in charge at the time wanted to "Kill" Scottish football and stop talking about it on Sky during the failed TV deal back in the late 90s or whenever it was.






Sorry for the wall of text but though a few good talking points.................sensible ones now Dug. I know I have a hard on for Sky and yeah I might be totally jealous of the money they get but it does have a huge effect on our game.

A wee question

02 April 2017 - 09:40 PM

Now that Celtic have won the league, fantastic the manner in which they have won it. Rogers has made a helluva difference and while I dont think its a particularly impressive thing for this current Celtic team to win the league I think it is exceptionally impressive in how they have done it.

My question is this, and I hope it comes across the way I intend it to.

People have been speaking about a gap which there is between Celtic and the rest, press and fans going on about Rangers trying to close that gap.
This season has seen them win the league like no other team has done before by picking up victories like they were.....well candy from a baby.

Even Celtics greatest ever team who were far more dominant in every sense could not amas the impressive tally the current crop have......next season no matter who comes in or who leaves it would be unlikely to get a season as good as this one performance and results wise which would mean less points overall at the end.

Basically what I'm saying and asking is, if Rangers are closer in terms of points would that equate to closing the gap ?

You see for me it wouldnt, unless it is like 4 or 5 points but if its another fairly comfortable campaign for Celtic with a 15 or 20 point lead I dont think that is closing the gap.......points wise it is I guess.

I only ask because the new manager has been brought in to try and get closer to Celtic and I feel its inevitable people will say he has done a decent job as I think its hard for Celtic to emulate this season........do people understand what I'm trying to say or do I sound cuckoo