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Rangers v Ross County

09 December 2017 - 10:27 AM

Have not seen a lot of match threads recently so here we are.

Looks like Jack is missing the next 3 games which is a pity given the way our midfield has been playing recently so will be interesting to see who Murty selects in there.

I would go with this team personally.
Tav, Alves, Wilson, John
Barjonas, Holt
Pena, Morelos

More likely to see Candeias for Barjonas and Miller for either Morelos or Pena but the wee Columbian has to start if fit.
Sure he has hit a wee barren spell but his overall play is excellent and the goals will come back.

This will be a tough test for the team, last 3 games has seen 1 victory for us and 2 draws so no easy game.
If we can score early I can see a 3-0 on the cards but the longer it stays 0-0 the tougher it becomes.

So who next ?

26 October 2017 - 06:19 PM

Who will be the next manager ?


I really hope it is a British based manager, preferably Scottish with recent knowledge on the game in this country but obviously that is not essential...........look at Rodgers, he had little to no knowledge and look how he changed what was a poor Celtic team to an exceptional one with virtually the same guys.


I don't expect any new guy to come in and hit the ground running but it would be nice to see certain things addressed. Warburton instilled a nice brand of football for a time then failed to adapt when teams sat in, he also failed to sort the shambolic defence out. He was good with the press when not speaking about the English game or not realising he was actually at a club where winning is pretty much the only option.


Pedro, well I hated how he spoke with the press. He may be able to speak English but he misinterprets so much. The defence is far more solid under him but we lack width and good support for the lone striker under him.


The new man, well I want someone who can speak properly and have modesty, integrity and sporting to the opposition. Hope he can sort our a decent brand of attacking flair to the team and get a bit of width into the style.




Big job ahead and I really have no idea who it would be..........McInnes has to be in with a good shout. He would surely take the job in flash

World Cup and the home nations

07 October 2017 - 08:35 AM

So one game left and Scotland have it all in our own hands. I can see another episode being added to glorious failure but one thing football has shown me is it always throws up a surprise.

Wales have a massive game against the Irish and I hope they end that mobs chances and make it. I think they will as they are a better team.

N Ireland looking like another fantastic campaign and I'm sure they will be there.

England already sealed the deal as you would expect. By far the best of the teams.

So who will make the WC in Russia ?

I think N Ireland will join the English, both us and the Welsh have a rather nervy final game to overcome with us having a tough away game while the Welsh are at home.........think we may be the ones to miss out again. Hope I'm wrong.

Norn & LB

02 October 2017 - 07:37 PM

Wee question for you guys.


Recently on FB I commented on a mates page, something to do with Connor the mouthpiece McGregor being in Glasgow. Anyway I said a chap from the RoI supporting Celtic there is a surprise, wonder why none of them support Rangers eh.

Well my mate who has family in Donegal or something says there are people in Ireland who do support them and there is even a supporters club, I assumed they were from somewhere else. As in not born in the republic. The flag of the supporters club even has a Northern Ireland flag on it !!!


Have you heard of folk from the RoI supporting Rangers or am I being a tad presumptuous ?

Semi Final draw

21 September 2017 - 09:47 PM

Rangers v Motherwell

Hibs v Celtic


The betting will no doubt have an OF final, pretty sure one will be there not so confident on the other !!!