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Coming season

Yesterday, 01:45 PM

Celtic -  Well what a season it has been for Brendan Rodgers Celtic, managing to go through the season undefeated is something else. People can say what they like about the quality in the league but I think its rather impressive the level of consistency shown by the players. When you consider how poor Celtic were last season compared to right now it is a different team.

Difficult to find anywhere to criticise and the only place I can see any is the start of the season when Celtic looked vulnerable and limped over the line into the CL, they managed it though and went from strength to strength and it will be interesting to see how they cope in next seasons assault on Europe with an extra year together playing. Never been a better time to be a Celtic fan.


Aberdeen - Compared to other seasons this one was a little damp IMO, sure on paper the Dons put in that effort and finished runners up in all competitions so in that sense DM has worked wonders but I cant help feel its been a disappointing one for them. They would have hoped to close that gap on Celtic and while they were in both cup finals they lost the first one in convincing style while pushing close for the Scottish. The league is where they faltered though having finished miles, like everyone else, behind Celtic.

Can DM galvanise this team and make another push on all fronts to challenge Celtic


Rangers - Some will say its been a decent season for Rangers as they had just been promoted but I don't buy into that way of thinking, sure a newly promoted team would be doing well but when its this team in question that changes it a little. Been disastrous from start to finish with a number of poor decisions and bad signings, new manager coming in 3/4 of the season with all the media circus surrounding MW and DW.

Will the new man be able to mount a better challenge, more tough times ahead I think.


St Johnstone - A rather impressive season for TWs team and I hope they keep the progress going. Solid team given the budget and resources they have with a number of good results in the league and a strong finish in the table securing European football.


Hearts - It looked like it was going to be a good season for the Jambos and another "what if". Losing RN at a crucial time of the season really knocked the stuffing out the team and add in the loss of several key first team players and this season has been one to forget for the Jambos, soo much so it has even effected the impressive numbers turning up to games home and away. Next season IC will look to really make his mark and the Jambos find themselves in a similar position to Rangers, certain level of expectation with little time to gel a new team together will be difficult to assemble


Partick Thistle - Been a very good season for the jags and Im surprised they haven't finished a little higher given the excellent performances through the season, squad size having an impact on their ability to push a little higher in the table but on the pitch they have been good.



The rest have really been battling it out and for a while the teams in relegation zone was changing every week with ICT being the team going down, Hamilton ofcourse securing their status in the league and Hibs gaining promotion. The Hibees could have a rather good season and I'm sure NL will have them up for most games.

Away attendance

21 May 2017 - 10:16 PM

Rangers top the table for the most amount of away fans for the season with over 97000 turning up to the 19 games.
Newcastle were second with 95000 and Celtic 3rd with 91000.
Leeds and Derby made up the top 5 with 87000 and 83000.

Impressive numbers and yet again shows tje unflinching loyalty and massive support the OF have.

Rangers v Aberdeen

16 May 2017 - 06:16 PM

Last home game of the season tomorrow against the dandy dons.
Be a tight game I'm sure with Aberdeen looking to put in a performance. Played them 3 times and tbh I felt we have been better in all those games so maybe they will record a good victory here.

I cant see it however and think Rangers will be too strong. Put them under pressure and the game should be ours.

Not sure what the crowd will be as its a midweek game but would imagine it will be nearly full.....you would think anyway.

2-1 Rangers

Manager of the year ?

04 May 2017 - 09:31 PM

Not sure if the nominations have been made but who do you think deserves it ?

No doubt Rodgers will be there, Lennon might also get a shout but will anyone really deserve it more than Rodgers ?

Last season I remember Deilla was there, cant mind who won it although it should have been Stubbs or Warburton but even though RD won the main league it was a certainty they would but the Celtic team were pretty shite last season.

This season it was also a stick on for them to win but I still think BR is by a mile ahead of the rest. Think where Celtic were last season and look at them this season.
They are on fire and he has transformed the club on and off the park......cant see past him tbh but who do you think can beat him to it ?

AJ v Klitcshko

30 April 2017 - 12:49 PM

Not sure if anyone was watching last night but this was an excellent fight.
Started off cagey from both fighters until AJ landed the big hit and flooring WK early in the match.

The veteran recovered well however and looked strong, knocking AJ to the canvas in the 5th or 6th. Big AJ was struggling for a few rounds after that but fair play to him he recovered well and landed the TKO in the 11th round.

I predicted the 10th for AJ and so close. Klitchko is a great warrior though and we had a debate while watching....a few of us thought the ref ended it a little soon. AJ had knocked him down twice in the 11th and moving in for the kill. He was going to win I felt but you just never know. The big Ukranian is a tough guy after getting back on his feet from that massive upper cut.