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In Topic: Weather?

Today, 06:09 PM

Not showing this to wifey, beer drought is all i would get (as well as a slap round the ear). :shock:


:lol: ....good thinking mate.

In Topic: Liberal Agenda thread........

Today, 06:08 PM

Remember, this is the country who allowed Lauren Southern to change her sex based on her say so......



weak government mate....

In Topic: Liberal Agenda thread........

Today, 06:02 PM

This is crazy.....


watched it.....no surprise there. Weak governments will always cow tow to Islam....no fucking balls ye see!

In Topic: Weather?

Today, 05:51 PM

31° today with bright sunshine, our little outside pool is up to 24° so had a nice soak up on 1 of our inflatable loungers.

4 days off work so making the most of my early season suntan.
Wifey doing her good barmaids job ie: keeping the cold one's coming.
In order 1 Heineken, 1 Amsterdam Red, 1 Stella.
Life is so fucking good. :razz:


she wearing the gear SP ?............oktoberfest%202.jpg

In Topic: Liberal Agenda thread........

Today, 05:03 PM

This is crazy.....


I'll check out the video tomorrow but the headline....wtf?