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In Topic: The NEWS thread

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

Sometimes some people should put their brains in gear before acting....



In Topic: You're sacked

Yesterday, 05:46 PM

Has he been Bard for life?


Now lives in a wee hamlet.....

In Topic: You're sacked

Yesterday, 05:06 PM

Good enough for the back stabbing bastard.


to be or not to be....that is the question.

In Topic: The obituary thread

Yesterday, 12:11 PM

Dear oh dear....35. Served his country RIP Capt Butcher.

In Topic: Hurricane hitting my island tomorrow

Yesterday, 11:43 AM

Or the 1968 storm that caused the deaths of nine people in Glasgow alone. I think something like twenty eight died altogether


Don't actually recall that one Mak....was only 13 at the time.....the mists of time and that. The 1987 one really sticks in my memory as I had to deal with a serious incident when a large building in a council yard was demolished due to the weather.....thankfully nobody was injured.