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In Topic: Closing the doors

07 January 2018 - 06:12 PM

Cheery by SFF....thoroughly enjoyed you over the years.....over and out!

In Topic: Memories of SFF

07 January 2018 - 08:29 AM

Joined it a bit later, Sept 2012, by total chance btw,

Posted in 'Introduction Thread' and from memory, Johnarob responded either by PM or in the thread asking wbere about in Ireland I'm from etc, as he travels (or used too) here often, then others responded, remember thinking, I've posted more on this forum on my first day, than I normally would in a month on other forums....

There was a lot of long gone regulars back then, some I genuinely missed when they left, others, not so much..... prominent posters like GOM, JR, Lawrie, Gaffe, Sheep, Geo, Jay, Panda, P, Sheeny, Ach (Ach, Genuinely was a personal favourite) JHR and of course Craig.

All at it Hammer and Tong :lol: I know some folk didnt enjoy the debates..... I fucking loved them through, each to their own I suppose.....there was only 1 member I genuinely disliked, but if you compare the traffic on here over the last 5 years, that's testament to the amount of decent folk who live/originate from your wee part of the world.

Highlight would have been the wee trip to Ayr, had a really good night out with Norm, Jay and Panda..... funny how things turn out, when you look back,

Anyway, The Bastion awards....

Best Thread..... World Cup of Beer
Best Member..... Can only realistically be Dug
Best Troll...... Robbo's Loyal

Three is enough!

To the ones who stuck it out....

We will no doubt carry on what Craig started through Hairy' s forum, over 2000 posts in a short space of time, so hopefully it will go from strength to strength.....

If any of the old snowflakes have man'ed up over the year's, you're more than welcome to join Hairy s forum, for a bit of diversity :D

Good luck to Craig, for whatever he has planned to do next, you didn't get it easy with us lot at each other's throats occasionally, but you always took your time to try and get things right and fairly to everyone..... ps,still think you were harsh on The Last Lazy Gun.....hey ho.

To all who came on and contributed, good luck with wherever your lives take you, try and remember the mainly good laughs on here, as that's what I'll do.



Bastion....cracking post mate, so much so I've C&P it in the new forum. If you  have any objection to that let me know & I'll delete it.

In Topic: Memories of SFF

05 January 2018 - 01:36 PM

To Craig & SFF & members....



In Topic: Memories of SFF

05 January 2018 - 01:07 PM

Where to begin...hmmm? Joined in 2010 but posted very rarely due to a lack of confidence as I was a newcomer to football forums and as is usual with most forums it can be  (or seem to be) difficult to integrate with the community so I decided to leave it & kept away for a good few months then returned and eventually got into the swing of it. Believe it or not I initially got on very well with Hayza but over time became disillusioned with his constant carping about anything Rangers and lines were drawn and any relationship we had disappeared and from then on in it was pistols at dawn. The lowest level he achieved, imo, was when he made disgusting (totally untrue) slurs about my wife. Such was his mentality. The funniest occasion with him that I recall was when he returned as Cal and at the same time was a member under another username (there were that many I can't remember which) and they were both logged on talking to each other....hilarious. There plenty ups and downs over the years, far too many to recall. It was great to have a meet up in the Counting House in Glasgow a good few years ago & actually put faces to names & after that our wee soiree in the pub at Castlecary when Hairy visited Scotland & again Craig & Bundy were there. So many people have come and gone it's difficult to remember the stand outs....Scott Forsyth was a decent guy as was ElChappy, Gusmeister (remember him?).....then there was the Aberdeen contingent.....Sheepy & Jay who were decent posters but couldn't/wouldn't accept criticism/disagreement and eventually shot the craw claiming bullying..... :lol: ......and to think they are adults. So if you look in here (or the new forum) and see this lads.....Hope you are doing well in your comfy wee forum now where nobody disagrees with you. The one member I must say I was disappointed to see leave was John (Achnasheen)....decent chap, done a great job with the quiz but all of a sudden upped sticks with the rest of the sheep. There's probably a lot more I could say if I could bleedin' remember so I'll leave it with.......Thank you Craig, you done us all proud. Enjoy whatever pastures new you undertake. All the best to you and yours. But my final mention must go to a member sadly no longer with us....


R I P Geo. Your heart was in the right place & I have no doubt you are there now looking down on us.

In Topic: Hearts v Celtic

17 December 2017 - 03:48 PM

Cas has left the house.