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Yesterday, 12:12 PM

But still stop quoting him Dug


get him off ignore ffs.

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Yesterday, 12:11 PM

My predictions....


Tuesday 12/12/17


Hearts v Dundee.......................1


Ross County v Kilmarnock.........2


Wednesday 13/12/17


Celtic v Hamilton........................1


Hibs v Rangers..........................1


Partick v Motherwell...................2


St Johnstone v Aberdeen..........2


Saturday 16/12/17


Aberdeen v Hibs........................1


Dundee v Partick.......................1


Hamilton v Ross County.............1


Kilmarnock v Motherwell............1


Rangers v St Johnstone............1


Sunday 17/12/17


Hearts v Celtic...........................2

In Topic: 2017/2018 fun predictor

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

Games for w/ending 17/12/2017........Please have predictions for below matches in before 7.30pm, Tuesday, 12/12/2017.


Tuesday 12/12/17


Hearts v Dundee


Ross County v Kilmarnock


Wednesday 13/12/17


Celtic v Hamilton


Hibs v Rangers


Partick v Motherwell


St Johnstone v Aberdeen


Saturday 16/12/17


Aberdeen v Hibs


Dundee v Partick


Hamilton v Ross County


Kilmarnock v Motherwell


Rangers v St Johnstone


Sunday 17/12/17


Hearts v Celtic

In Topic: Musings of a mentalist

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

So after being dubbed a mentalist by a certain poster who will remain nameless, i will refer to him only as "the hack", i thought the time was right to give the forum my views of the current Rangers situation. I know, i know you're thinking "but Jiffy you don't usually foist your opinions on us".

This is very true but i have decided to forgo my bashfullness because the truth of the matter must be told. Or at least my truth of the matter. Feel free, if you even bother reading my ramblings, to agree/dosagree, add your own opinions etc etc etc.

Back in 2014 big Dave came to the rescue. He called for boycotts and fan backing, he got it. We were promised investment, 30 million bucks worth was the figure then touted. We were promised Rangers minded people who had the clubs best interests at heart and who would steady the ship and run it in a professional manner. Mist importantly we were promised a board who would be open and transparent and would not keep the fans left in the dark.

So how has all that panned out?

The 30 million investment has not been forthcoming but to be fair not many actually believed it ever would be. Despite what some people may believe (the hack) there was no major investment from the board in the playing staff this summer. The season ticket takings were used for that. The board actually told us that would be the case.

Now that doesn't concern me because i think the club should be living within our means. Fiscal prudence should be our top priority and that brings me to our next subject. The manner in which the club is being run. Any professionalism on show at Ibrox these days?

In my opinion, none. Not one iota of professionalism from the current board. In fact very little on show since they took the helm.

The current manager(less) situation is nothing new from our leaders. When they pulled the plug on Warburton, another fiasco that made us look a basket case, the promised no stone would be left unturned in their search for suitable replecement. They then took several weeks and came up with...Pedro!

I mean wtf!

But that's not all. They also told everyone and their grannie that the way forward was with a director of football. They failed to appoint one. And we are back to Pedro. We said who the fuck is Pedro but were willing to give him a chance. It wasn't until he opened his mouth and started to spout unbelievable shite that the alarms bells really started to ring, for ne anyway. Others seemed to like the cut of his jib. His rhetoric went down a bomb in the pages of Follow Follow and the people who frequent that nut house. You know who you are.

Anyway he was our manager so you back him. Then you see what he does in the dug out and you decide this guy is a complete dud who hasn't got a clue. I said back in June, and was accused of being a tim by a certain poster, that Pedro wouldn't get to Xmas as manager of Rangers. Others ( the hack) thought different and were vociferous in their defence of the manager. In fact certain posters still are claiming he improved the team. This despite over seeing our worst ever, most embarrassing defeat in Europe and countless defeats against teamswho hadn't won at Ibrox in decades. Despite the fact he managed between two stints where our youth coach has shown a far better grasp of football and tactical nonce than Pedro ever did.

Better late than never the board acted. They sacked the man they should never have hired. So what since then, any professionalism to be seen?

Nope, not a bit of it.

In fact we have morphed into a petulant teenager. Each statement the board release cranks up the cringe factor a few more notches and we continue to be the laughing stock of Scottish football.

Another thing i said months ago. This board is not fit for purpose. Again i was ridiculed, branded a tim, why i may have even been called a mentalist. Recent post by "the hack" would suggest he is finally coming round to my way of thinking. They are filled with lists of what they have did wrong in the last 6/7 weeks. The thing is though the last 6/7 weeks are just par for the course for our board. They very well might be Rangers minded people who have the best interests of the club at heart but their actions don't back that up. They are completely inept.

Tbe worst thing of all but is the one promise they had to keep and have failed miserably. They promised the fans, the people who are keeping this club going. Tbe people who are finacing the boards serial failures. The people who fill that stadium and spend their hard earned to keep the club alive despite the complete mismanagement. They promised us transparency. They promised we wouldn't be treated like mushrooms.

They lied.

They do not deserve our support and they certainly can't be trusted to spend any money garnered from another share issue wisely.


Seeing I am retired and have a small amount of free time on my paws I have read your musings in full Jif cos that's the kinda dude I am. Good post with a lot of pertinent points. The one thing I am not going to do (& I believe you would agree with me on this) is become involved in the differing points of view between your good self and 'The Hack'.


Anyway....'The Hack'. Actually I'm a tad, no...very surprised that you decided to go down the anonymous route cos even the dugs in my street know you're talking about Trav so please...don't be coy! And actually, you haven't been 100% truthful with one of the points you make. This comment from yourself truly defies belief......I know, i know you're thinking "but Jiffy you don't usually foist your opinions on us". However that's just a small point of concern cos I know you're very forthright....so less of that...awright!..... ;)


I don't go into the nitty gritty of the running of the club as deeply as yourself and Trav so I'm not going to start now but the one thing I agree with you is the point you make about transparency or lack of from the board towards the support & I'm talking about the likes of yourself, Trav & Cam....fans who go week in week out.

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Yesterday, 10:36 AM

Fuck up Trav :D