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That Friday Feeling

06 October 2017 - 02:17 PM

So, how's your Friday going ? I was out a mate's gaff this morning then on the way home I stopped off at a chippy fir a bag of and a buttered roll....tasty as fuck, plus I was a tad hungry. Pissing about this afternoon....telly, on here, swept leaves up for umpteenth fucking time this week.....counting down the time till drinky poos.


I'm going to have a stab at how you dudes are doing & you can let me know if I'm on the button or way off mark...


Hairy...........in his kip


Hoopz.......at work keeping whatever he's responsible for safe....also fucking about with his phone.


Bastion....probably on the way home as he finishes early on a Friday.....he'll have built four or five gaffs this morning.


Norn.....probably on the piss whilst fucking about on here and watching the box


Tone....in his office clock watching with one window on his desktop opened for SFF and keeping an eye out for his gaffer sneaking a peak at his work rate.


Hunterian.....at work (don't know what your job is mate) desperate to get his son to another win by Saint Mirren.


SP.......suave, sophisticated and scouring the internet for left wing snowflake whinging before getting home and dining outdoors on his patio. Also thinking about not going to the bookies this weekend in case he bumps into any auld, unkempt fuckers again.


Trav....out on a school run contract  taking unruly wee cunts home and charging the cooncil an arm and a leg. How the fuck do ye think he gets so many holidays...It''s no wi his bookies winnings.


Chas.....finished work and knocking back turps or industrial cleaner as his buckie is done. Planning his next rabbit murder trip.


Cas.....honestly haven't a clue.


Noidea......checking the 'off topic' forum to see if Jiffy has made a cunt of it anywhere then letting him know.


Jif....ready to get back home from the toil whereupon he'll check his keyboard to ensure the 'J' has disappeared then a few rums doon his throat.


Cam.....cycling round some run down areas of Glasgow looking for poor kids to help but worried like fuck that his bike will disappear as soon as he enter Possil, Govan or Parkheid. His evening will be spent tearing up the mail he gets from Sky TV trying to entice him to subscribe.....and slavering over some new female work colleague who he'd love to pump.


Makdee......deliberately have left you out mate due to your recent circumstances.


I don't think I've missed anyone. If I have it's nowt personal.

Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

20 September 2017 - 04:20 PM

Tad early but hey, there we go. This game will show if Pedro has learned anything from the 'Old Firm' games played last season. Hopefully our defence will be totally switched on as I still feel they are far too slack at times. I'd prefer the lad Declan John in the left wingback slot than Wallace & with Jack & Dorrans in midfield (hopefully) controlling there we can force the game. I think Miller will start and I've no probs with this IF he fucking stays central and doesn't wander. Morelos is a shoe in as main striker. Having said all that I still think Celtic will be too strong for us over the 90 & my main worry is Griffiths. Celtic to win but hopefully a decent, plenty effort show by the Gers. At least 3 goals I am hoping and feel that is a decent punt! 

Manchester Utd v Everton....17/09/2017

17 September 2017 - 03:00 PM

3-1 Utd....my pick.


didn't know if youse would want this thread but stuck it up anyway....

Rangers v Dundee.....09/09/2017

09 September 2017 - 09:41 AM

3-1 Rangers.