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In Topic: Eire v wales

Today, 04:45 AM

 I am sure SC will recover and be paid during his recovery.


Aye well that makes it OK then  :rolleyes:

In Topic: Rangers thread v2

Yesterday, 07:21 PM

I see 5000 Rangers fans went to the to the Rangers legends v England legends game for Ricksen, tremendous support for the man. Seen a recent picture and the weight is falling off him, cant see him being able to fight much longer sadly.


Nice to see the Ricksen tops are selling well. My mate bought an extra large but it was too big so tried to get a large but totally sold out. 


Seeing him fall over at his testimonial was heart breaking!!

In Topic: Eire v wales

Yesterday, 07:19 PM

Do not wish to see tackle as i am a little squeamish. What i will say is  the pundits on the radio were disgusted by it and a tackle by Bale shortly before it which even Hartson thought was lucky not to be a Red card. 

In Topic: Rangers thread v2

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Chappy, unaudited , does it matter?

Not being a Celtic supporter I can't claim to be a financial expert but I believe the results were pretty average and revealed nothing spectacular either way.

In Topic: League Challenge Cup Final 2017

Yesterday, 06:34 PM

That's a great summary, to me it was anyone's game in the second half but we were edged out.


I wish my mates were as understanding.  :D