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In Topic: PSG V Celtic

Today, 06:27 PM

A rare flash in the pan.

Won 3 out of 5 in last years 6 nations

Glasgow Warriors have been playing well

Hogg is a truly World Class player.

The rugby team have struggled for many years but it is very much on the up right now

In Topic: Genuine Question

Today, 05:55 PM

Please be Paul Lambert 😂😂😂

In Topic: PSG V Celtic

Today, 05:00 PM

Always remember Walter Smith and Rangers used to get serious drubbings in the media when getting cuffed in the champions league......why is BR not getting it even worse with the shambolic performances in the top flight of Europe with some of the heaviest defeats we have seen in years ?

'Top Flight' ???

Lincoln Red Imps 😂

Not the heaviest in years Cam.The heaviest defeats they have suffered in European competition EVER!!!

The Media can hardly turn on the guy who they have built up to be some kind of footballing messiah

Football supporters are the most gullible of fools.

In Topic: Genuine Question

Today, 04:42 PM

No he is clearly referring to Larsson, I disagree as Laudrup and Gazza were of a particular pedigree but all opinions.

Really? He said Celtic have 2 World class players. Who are they?

Scotland has had one World Class player in last 20 years. Well if Celtic have 2 right now I take it he is meaning Scottish national team

In Topic: Genuine Question

Today, 03:35 PM

Not a dig enders but a serious question. Who is/are the one /two world class players Celtic have ?

I was wondering that as well.

Also who is the one World Class player Scotland have had in the last 20 years? Darren Fletcher?