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In Topic: Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

Yesterday, 02:30 PM

I take it you mean if he does something like what you suggest McCrorie does ? You willing to take the chance ? I aint.

As for the rest - Sinclair's dive, Brown kicking someone, Foster kicking a door....nowt to do with what we're talking about mate.

Brown should be suspended after kicking someone in the face.

It is possible to half a player within the rules. Clint Hill was quite good at extremely robust challenges

And Sinclair should be facing a 2 game ban for that ridiculous dive. Referee that gave it? Cheating Beaton.

In Topic: Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

Yesterday, 12:55 PM

Aye and we'll be a player down.....not a good idea mate.

Ok we ll see if Broon gets away with it.

I noticed very little made of Sinclairs horrendous dive.

Nothing said about Brown kicking Hamilton player in the face

But don't panic. Compliance officer is on the ball and cited Ricky Foster for kicking a door!!


In Topic: Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Lottery numbers for the morra or Saturday Trav ?................. :lol:

Sorry. Tonight's winning ticket is in my wallet.

Surely he has to start Pena ?

Wes back in goals. Young McCrorrie in for Bruno. Miller in place of Windass. Hopefully 'Elton' makes it as Hodson is very poor at right back but a fucking disaster at left!!

Obviously missing the best player in Scottish football (Take it up with FIFA 18👍) is a huge blow. Not only defensively but at attacking set pieces but young McCrorrie has to look at this as a massive chance to make a name for himself. Half that wee fucker Brown and he ll do for me

In Topic: Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

21 September 2017 - 05:30 PM

Likewise we were hardly world beaters against Progres, Hearts or Thistle !

Forget Progress

Wallace wrongly flagged off side against Hearts cost us. That goal stands they have to come out and we would have won comfortably

I think we were ok against Thistle in both games. Have to be more clinical

My prediction is 3-1 Rangers.

In Topic: Rangers v Celtic.....23/09/2017

21 September 2017 - 04:55 PM

I just cant see how we can beat Celtic and tbh I fear a real going over. Looking at games played so far we have toiled while Celtic have been pretty much the same high standards as last season.

Ofcourse football can be a strange game at times and naturally anything can happen but Celtic are firm favourites.

Cant bring myself to say the scoreline but I fear a doin......so hope I'm wrong

They have struggled against a poor St Johnstone and needed a dreadful refereeing decision to help them against Thistle.

They were hardly world beaters against Rosenberg, Astana and PSG 😂