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#538884 Who is the bigger club.....Rangers or Celtic?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 22 April 2017 - 02:14 PM

Based on two of your criteria...... (not sure where the fans point is sourced?)

Are you saying Citeh are bigger than Spurs?


Fuck Off. 


You have to try harder than that  :lol:

#538883 Who is the bigger club.....Rangers or Celtic?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 22 April 2017 - 02:13 PM

celtic bigger stadium, more fans, more money.


1- Historically inaccurate


2- Historically and at present not true


3- More Money? City and Chelsea have more money than United but United are still considerably a bigger club.


There is simply no argument over this. Rangers have always been the bigger club. 


More supporters. More trophies. More Trebles. Same amount of European trophies. Played in more European finals. 

#538781 Who is the bigger club.....Utd or City?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 22 April 2017 - 10:50 AM

the fuck are you doing on Trav ? Thought you were away giving us peace enjoying time with your family mate ?


Just logged on to put a coupon on. Just heading out to Carsaig Bay to have a wee BBQ looking out over Jura and Islay. Love it up here.


Just been told i am driving to Lochgilphead Butchers before that. Cold Bulmers will have to wait a while :)

#538765 Who is the bigger club.....Utd or City?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 22 April 2017 - 10:28 AM

is he a prick or summit ?


He is a prick that thinks its OK to hit women who have suffered serious head injuries.


You're as bad as me Trav...... :lol:


Prick went to the police to say I was intimidating him. His complaint was I stared at him threateningly :-D 

#538589 Who is the bigger club.....Utd or City?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 21 April 2017 - 02:36 PM

Still no answer to my question :lol:

See LBs post above regarding Fergie 😏

#538534 Who is the bigger club.....Utd or City?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 21 April 2017 - 11:13 AM

I'm not disputing what they achieved or didn't, I'm disputing the fact that you consider it a 'Freak'. The actual wording that I would have used is that said period was a 'High' never repeated in their history. That High came over three seasons.

Yes, I did defend the manager and slated Barton the simulator.

Seeing you're busy we can let this slide.

Now, no fare hiking for the tims y'hear.

I am going up the caravan as soon as the wee ones out of school. Missing the Semi and next week I am climbing Ben Nevis for my mates Stag Do. Believe me that is all his idea. 😂

Anyway no fare hiking this weekend

#538505 Can Aberdeen win the league in the next 5 years?

Posted by Travis Bickle on 21 April 2017 - 09:17 AM

Some folk are delusional...... like Trav :D

Wtf have I done now? 😄

#538221 Glasgow Cup Final U17's

Posted by Travis Bickle on 19 April 2017 - 03:01 PM

I heard on Follow Follow there is no supporters and the supporters have no one to blame but themselves

#538180 Neil McCann - Dundee manager

Posted by Travis Bickle on 18 April 2017 - 10:17 PM

Really hope he manages to keep them up and has a fine career in football. 


You were certainly not alone Cam in wishing he had been given a job at Ibrox but it is still very early in his coaching career and who knows what the future holds

#538135 Terry to leave Chelsea

Posted by Travis Bickle on 18 April 2017 - 07:28 AM

C'mon Trav. It would be cruel and unusual punishment.
Mind you, I'd like to see him go to Pittodrie.
He'd get on well with Logan.

Perfect for that club...

#538024 Ross County vs Celtic

Posted by Travis Bickle on 16 April 2017 - 09:59 PM

you would think there would be one cunt at the SFA who was clever enough to work out that it might be advantageous to teams this loop hole and come up with a system that could deal with and answer appeals before the next match.


Its hardly rocket science! 


They did get their act together before. They knew Rangers would appeal a Kenny Miller Red Card in an attempt to have his ban held back so he could play against Celtic so they had a panel in place. Rangers put in the appeal at 4-55pm on the Friday and the ban was upheld at 4-59pm. 


Away from all that. Here is yet another inexplicable decision. The Celtic support have travelled up their in great numbers. Some going up last night and some heading up there at the crack of dawn and they have seen their team robbed by an unbelievably poor decision. They deserve an explanation!! 


Brown will be banned and probably rightly so. Not the worse challenge i have ever seen but probably a straight Red. The over reaction by County players needs looking at. I remember they booted Rangers off the park earlier in the season up there. The County player that dived will get a retrospective ban for his outrageous dive and rightly so but the ones most deserving of a ban is the referee and the linesman on that side of the park. Of course they wont. They ll be protected by the SFA and will be at a match next weekend carrying on regardless of how utterly inept (being kind) their performance

#537813 Speeding

Posted by Travis Bickle on 16 April 2017 - 08:40 AM

You took a bike worth over a grand in to Possil.....And got back out????

#537798 New Scottish Referendum

Posted by Travis Bickle on 16 April 2017 - 12:16 AM

Where did I ask that?..... I have zero knowledge of your family situation Trav and wouldn't ask you a personal question of that nature on a public forum.....

My question is general. Not specific to anyone.....


I should have worded that better LB. You asked who pays for the old persons bus or whatever got me on my high horse and sent me off on a rant. Having personal knowledge of what it takes to care for a relative it home i get annoyed when people claim something like a bus picking them up is draining the NHS when in fact it is the complete opposite. They are saving the NHS a fortune.


The SNP are trying to encourage more people to care for their relatives at home but the carers get nothing. I think you can claim a carers allowance but only if you earn less than £100 per week!! At the moment i am trying to juggle a full time job, bringing up my daughter and giving her as normal a life as possible and care for my elderly mother who has dementia. As well as supporting a shit football team and trying to keep my golf handicap under 15!!!

#537795 Rangers vs Partick Thistle

Posted by Travis Bickle on 15 April 2017 - 11:31 PM

I never went down the road for the game socamt talk about today but Wee McKay is a confidence player and when on his game he can be a match winner but he does tend to go into his shell when the 'support' get on his back. This is understandable as he is still a young lad learning the game. Really pisses me off.


Foderingham has been one of the real standouts in the Rangers team this season. Had an outstanding game at Pittodrie only last week but we still have guys at the games getting on his back. Seems certain players are singled by the Rangers 'support' 

#537745 New Scottish Referendum

Posted by Travis Bickle on 15 April 2017 - 01:47 PM

Think it's fucked all round Hairy.....

We cannot afford it, I was working in Templepatrick around 2 years ago, this friendly bloke across the road had his father living with him.....

Each week day, a bus arrived around 10am picked the Old Codger up, took him away somewhere and had him back by 4pm..... to give the family rest bite......

There was the driver and a helper and maybe 6/7 Codger's on the bus.

No doubt they were feed and watered and entertained each day.

I have no clue what the cost of this little exercise cost the NHS, but what a fucking drain...... this was a well off household.

With an aging population and immigration on top of our own folk, it could very well become unsustainable.


Do you know the bus was paid for by the NHS? Was it not maybe a charitable bus run by a dementia charity or any other charity that is set up to help the elderly and funded by handouts?


Do you know the cost to have an elderly person in care? Do you know how much that family are saving the NHS each week for caring for their elderly relative at home? Have you any idea how much strain it puts on families looking after elderly relatives? Do the families not deserve a break?