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Welcome To Salford

09 May 2017 - 11:12 AM

Media reports are linking Manchester City's 3rd choice Keeper with a move away from the city with Man Utd favourites to sign him.

They are also keeping close tabs on Agueroooo

Stumbling block could be if they fancy leaving the big smoke

The Emptyafford

02 May 2017 - 12:29 PM

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Crowds at Old Trafford are much lower than

the official attendance announced by United on matchdays, according to new police data.

Figures from Greater Manchester Police revealed under the Freedom of Information Act show the club did not have a crowd over 70,000 for a Premier League match this season, until last week’s derby with City.

But United regularly announce attendances in excess of 75,000.

The police data shows the average Old Trafford attendance is 10,000 fewer than the figures announced.

The FOI request was lodged with Greater Manchester Police by Reds Away, which runs a travel and news website and blog for United fans.

Reds Away said that – in common with most other clubs – United under FA rules must publish an ‘official attendance’, which includes those who bought a ticket whether or not they actually went to the game.

Greater Manchester Police, however, keeps a record of actual numbers who pass through the turnstiles.

The figures reveal a startling number of ticket-holders who do not show up.

The figures show that 66,005 fans watched the first Premier League home game against Fulham this season, but the club said the attendance was 75,352.

United announced the attendance at January’s clash with Southampton as 75,600, but the police figures show the actual crowd was 59,766 – a difference of 15,834.

Barring the recent derby, the largest actual crowd for a league game inside Old Trafford was 69,933 for the Liverpool game in January.

United recorded an attendance of 75,501.

The data covers all competitions, including the Champions League.

The police figures reveal just 33,409 watched the Capital One cup game against Newcastle in September, with the club claiming a gate of 46,358.

The largest disparity was revealed at United’s Champion’s League game with Cluj in December.

The GMP figures recorded a crowd of just 46,894, with the club claiming an attendance of 71,521.

This year’s record crowd came at the ill-fated Real Madrid Champions League tie last month, where the police figures reveal 72,299 fans attended. The club’s figure was 74,959, 2,660 higher.

Northern Irish Football

01 May 2017 - 11:21 AM

Well done to Linfield on becoming Champions again. Unlucky to Crusaders.

Nice that the Blues won it against Cliftonvile

Would have been sweeter against the team that play in Green and White and sing it's a grand old team!!

I am sure LB and Norn must have missed this but will want to pass on their congratulations as well


Hampden Park

21 March 2017 - 02:12 PM

It has long been thought Celtic were using their influences within the SFA to have Parkhead used as the National stadium.

Three years left on the SFA lease on the National Stadium and we have Hampden described as not fit for purpose. Is anybody really surprised ?

Chinese Super League

04 March 2017 - 09:09 AM

Watching a game right now. Deary me. I don't think I ll complain about Scottish football again. This is really dire stuff

Only positive is the team in Royal Blue are 2-0 up. R&F are my team