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In Topic: Benfica v Utd predictions

Yesterday, 06:23 PM

Benfica are shite at the moment

Benfica 1 3 Man Utd Lukaku

In Topic: The NEWS thread

Yesterday, 06:19 PM

Sometimes some people should put their brains in gear before acting....



“We have written to those who received the letter to apologise and we have also spoken to the members of staff involved and taken steps to ensure an incident like this does not happen again.


These incompetent loonies should be sacked and stricken off.

In Topic: The obituary thread

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

Capt Butcher i salute you RIP.

In Topic: Hurricane hitting my island tomorrow

16 October 2017 - 07:50 PM

3 deaths reported so far LB, condolences to all family concerned.

Would never think the British Isles would be concerned with such bad weather storms as this :-( 

In Topic: 2017/2018 fun predictor

16 October 2017 - 07:16 PM

had no paper at hand so it was all done by my head , so i think we are good  :twisted:



Just as well you were not in the kazi.   

Hoopz is quit the gymnast what flexibility, just hope there's no scratch marks :razz: