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14 December 2017 - 12:11 AM

Hi everyone , I joined last July , but only got the go ahead to post two days ago ( or so ) I see the forum is closing . Sorry to hear that . I am from Dublin and was interested in exchanging views on the state of football in like sized countries . I see there are members here from Northern Ireland as well as Scotland which both would fit the bill . I know the  quality of talent you have with an international team is cyclical . Eg ; Scotland in the 70s had great players , NI in the early 80s and us ( ROI ) 80s/ 90s . However , are all small countries  on a downward slope because of the proximity of the Premier League ? .Hoovering up all the TV money and endorsements / image rights etc .

Would there be a support for a Celtic Nations  league to strengthen the competition base and create an alternative to the EPL .

Anyway , I spent a bit of time lurking on this forum so my guess is not a great lot of support here for this idea .