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In Topic: Who is the smartest?

Today, 03:27 PM

don't start him on about music ffs! Chas's taste is.....to put it politely.......fucking murder.

Lol. Aye ah could bring ma collection of classics. You lot Wid fighting at the airport tae get across lol..

In Topic: Who is the smartest?

Today, 03:20 PM

All night fishing, no catch and no grub on Sunday.
No desert Island disc's for you CB

Aye afraid no..

In Topic: Who is the smartest?

Today, 02:38 PM

I'm no the smartest but you widney starve on a desert island way me & ma wee babies tae find you grub. No on a Sunday mind..lol.

In Topic: Dedicated Celtic thread

Today, 02:31 PM

Ban the fuckin lot of them. They're no fans them. They're like they fuckin dick walking about pullin a bit of string in crowded places away tae fuck there 40 odd Virgins ffs.

In Topic: The obituary thread

21 July 2017 - 10:03 AM

Never heard of the guy. But terrible way 2 end a young life. Must of had some nasty demons.