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In Topic: 18 memorable Premiership moments....do you see them all?

Today, 03:20 PM

Is it just me but are there only 17 rather than 18?


I got :


1. Cantona karate kick

2. Klinsman diving celebration

3. Pires and Henry penalty

4. The balloon deflection against Liverpool

5. Yeboah screamer

6. Shearer celebration

7. Di Canio pushing the ref

8. Gerard slip

9. Rooney scissors kick

10. Suarez bitting

11. Van nistelrooy v Martin Keown

12. Eduardo leg break

13. Fowler snorting

14. Ref sending off wrong Arsenal player

15. Beckham from Half way line

16. Keegan "I'd love it"

17. Delia Smith "Lets be havin you"

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Today, 01:22 PM

So are you saying I/we should show the same level of joy/banter at the other clubs in the league or are you saying leave it alone.......without actually saying either directly ofcourse !

Bit rich really Gaffa, especially coming from yourself who revelled in the demise of Hibs.......cant remember anyone opposing your sheer joy of the situatiom at the various times you were rubbing it in.



No I am saying that the Schadenfreude shown towards Dundee Utd from Rangers fans is petty.


Are you suggesting that their chairman was wrong in voting against Rangers staying in the league? Or is it more likely that Rangers fans simply just dont like the fact that Thompson was the one who openly said it would be wrong to let Rangers stay in the league.



I am allowed as a Hearts fan to laugh at Hibs as its swings and roundabouts, I don't believe I actually did when they got relegated as Hearts went done too that season!

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Today, 10:25 AM

Did Dundee Utd not vote the same way that 10 other SPL teams voted i.e. not to let the newco Rangers straight back into the SPL?

In Topic: Dundee united Vs Hamilton

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

I agree.

But just this once I'm happy that the lifeline was in place and that the Accies have survived.

Long may Thompson and his club remain in the dungeons. If there is any justice they will sink even further.


same shit spouted last season!

In Topic: 18 memorable Premiership moments....do you see them all?

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Di Canio is my fav, hilarious wobbly fall from the librarian ref